Habitat blanco

In harmony with nature

The Torres family evokes its passion for viticulture, oenology and environmental respect in its wines. Habitat is a wine that is produced in harmony with nature.

We have not used any chemical insecticides or herbicides in our vineyards for more than 25 years. This wine is produced strictly pursuant to organic farming requirements as certified by the European Union's official authority (Euroleaf) and the autonomous regional regulatory body (CCPAE, Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica).


Grape Types

  • - Garnacha Blanca
  • - Xarel·lo
Habitat blanco
Habitat blanco

DO Catalunya

We are privileged to have an important variety of climates and soils in a relatively small area.

The most renowned stocks grow in these lands with very varied climates and soils. These grapes give rise to exceptional wines that have positioned the region in the eyes of all quality enthusiasts. The first Torres winery was built in Catalonia and, encouraged by this thousand-year-old culture, Torres began its expansion by paying homage to the best vineyards in the world, selecting the best estates and seeking the local identify of each land.

Каталония D.O.
  • 1/2

    Garnacha Blanca

    A grape that adapts to warm and relatively dry climates.  It has yellow shades and mature fruity aromas with a hint of broom that offers an original touch.

    Garnacha Blanca
  • 2/2


    A traditional white variety native of the Penedès which produces exquisite white wines when fermented in the barrel. .


8 Awards

  • Silver Medal - Habitat blanco 2013 United Kingdom · 2015
  • 90 points - Habitat blanco 2013 Spain · 2015
  • 91 points - Habitat blanco 2015 Spain · 2018
  • 92 points - Habitat blanco 2016 Spain · 2019
  • Gold Medal - Habitat blanco 2013 Canada · 2015
  • 90 points - Habitat blanco 2014 Spain · 2017
  • 92 points - Habitat blanco 2013 Spain · 2015
  • 09.54 points - Habitat blanco 2014 Spain · 2017

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