Our Commitment

We are committed to promoting a management, production, and commercialization system that has a positive impact on society, based on the twin pillars of ethics and transparency. For this reason, we have professionalized our company’s management processes over the years, implementing best practices in terms of corporate governance in order to guarantee the sustained growth and consolidation of our business. 

Sistemas de gestión

Management Systems

Our commitment to quality, food safety, environmental protection, and health and safety in the workplace is enshrined in the policies of our Integrated Management System, which we update on a regular basis. We have also implemented a code of business conduct and ethics, as well as a series of corporate policies, procedures, and internal processes to ensure regulatory compliance and the responsible management of our company. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring about people, the environment, fair trade, RDI, and giving back to society are all part of our DNA. Click here to read our Corporate Social Responsibility Reports.

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports 2018

Responsabilidad social corporativa
Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

Sustainable Development Goals

We are conscious of our role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) of the 2030 Agenda: protecting people, the planet, and prosperity. This is why we are developing and implementing positive impact actions based on the 17 SDGS established by the United Nations, prioritizing our contribution to sustainable development by combating the climate emergency (SDGS 7 and 13); the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems and their resources (SDGS 6 and 15); responsible production and consumption (SDG 12); reducing inequality through the Fundación Familia Torres (SDG 10); promoting quality employment and fostering innovation (SDGS 8 and 9); and building partnerships within our industry to achieve these goals (SDG 17). 

Projects and Funding

These are some of the projects we are carrying out at our wineries in collaboration with public and private entities and for which we have received funding. 

Proyectos y ayudas