Atrium Merlot

Voices that speak of our culture, our roots

The voices of ancient peoples echo among the old vines. Songs of joy and celebration, songs of praise to bless the land and soil. Voices that speak of our culture, our roots.

Throughout time, the Penedès region has born witness to the comings and goings of different cultures, as well as the first traces of winegrowing in Catalonia. This exceptional terroir is home to our Atrium wine, a reflection of our commitment to this land and our history.

Penedès (Barcelona)

Grape Types

  • - Merlot
Atrium Merlot
Atrium Merlot

DO Penedès

The Penedès has been associated for decades with innovative vineyards and wineries.

Ever since it became the first area in Spain to use stainless steel and cold fermentation equipment, the vine growers of the Penedès have been making excellent modern wines from a mix of native and French grape varieties. This has been possible because of the variety of altitudes, lands and micro-climates found in the Penedès which foster the ideal growth of the different grape types.

Denominación de Origen Penedès
  • 1/1


    An international noble grape variety we grow in the vineyards of the central Penedès. It produces excellent fine, elegant and aromatic wines.


4 Awards

  • Silver Medal - Atrium Merlot 2013 Switzerland · 2015
  • Gold Medal - Atrium Merlot 2014 Switzerland · 2016
  • 90 points - Atrium Merlot 2012 Spain · 2015
  • 85 points - Atrium Merlot 2011 · 2012

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