An unforgettable setting

El Celleret Restaurant

New gastronomic space to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine surrounded by vineyards 

The age old duo of wine and gastronomy rise up to a new level in Familia Torres’ new restaurant – an elegant and welcoming venue where you can enjoy quality local cuisine in our olive garden amidst the Mas La Plana vineyard with a spectacular view of the majestic Montserrat mountain in the horizon.
The incomparable heritage of the beautiful Penedès region and its close surroundings, from sea to mountains, arrives daily in our kitchen where, as a celebration of the Mediterranean spirit, we pair it with our most valued legacy – our wines – thus drawing the perfect picture of the Penedès scenery at your table. 


El Celleret Restaurant
Finca el Maset, s/n
08796 Pacs del Penedès (Barcelona)
4 km from Vilafranca del Penedès

N. 41o 20’ 58” – E. 1o 39’ 59” | Google maps

El Celleret is a beautifully appointed space in the old Familia Torres winery. It sits amid the vineyards of Mas La Plana in Pacs del Penedès. Sunlight streams through the large windows to brighten the dining room and the terrace, overlooks the vineyards and boasts incredible views of the idyllic surroundings. The dining room's stand-out feature is the main bar, located between the columns that hold up the classic Catalan vaulted ceiling. Above it hangs a most original decorative element fashioned from old vines. The versatile spaces are perfect for guided tastings and other experiences complete with customized menus and activities.

Space: 195 m2
Forum: Theater * - School * - Banquet 64 - Cocktail 120

Below the terrace is a typically Mediterranean garden, planted with old olive trees and surrounded by a dry stone wall, where guests can enjoy a glass of wine in the great outdoors. An elegant and welcoming wine restaurant at Mas La Plana, its flagship estate in the very heart of Penedès. In this exceptional vineyard setting with incredible views of Montserrat, wine and food pairing takes on a new dimension. Guests delve into the diversity and richness of the Catalan landscape, especially the Penedès region, through its wines and typical Mediterranean dishes. 

Space: 1000 m2
Forum: Theater * - School * - Banquet 250 - Cocktail 300

A space suitable for conferences, meetings, and product and service presentations. As well as a stage and a lectern, there is also a large screen with projector. 

Space: 159 m2
Forum: Theater 118 - School * - Banquet * - Cocktail *

Waltraud Cellar

A unique and magical place

The Waltraud cellar is the perfect example of sustainable architecture. The building that houses the family’s most representative wines is completely integrated into the Penedès landscape. Every single corner of the winery reflects a passion for wine and search for excellence. 


Waltraud CellAr
Finca el Maset, s/n
08796 Pacs del Penedès (Barcelona)
4 km from Vilafranca del Penedès

N. 41o 20’ 58” – E. 1o 39’ 59” | Google maps

Sustainable architecture, elegance and natural light go hand in hand in this emblematic lounge, fully equipped with a sound and image system. Ideal for all types of events; meetings, private tastings, product presentations, lunches and dinners. 

Space: 97 m2
Forum: Theater 40 - School 35 - Banquet 50 - Cocktail 80

A minimalistic, and multi-purpose room filled with versatility and natural light. A quintessential space for any elegant event. 

Space: 85 m2
Forum: Theater 30 - School 25 - Banquet 50 - Cocktail 80

The temple where the most iconic wines of Familia Torres are aged, at your disposal. This unpretentious, functional and elegant space lends intimacy and prestige to your events.

Space: 1080 m2
Forum: Theater * - School * - Banquet 200 - Cocktail 280

An open-air space of a vanguardist design, surrounded by grand wines ageing in oak barrels.

Space: 1000 m2
Forum: Theater * - School * - Banquet 180 - Cocktail 250

Alfonso XIII Hall

The living history of Familia Torres 

The hall was originally built in 1870, in the heart of the wine capital, Vilafranca del Penedès. Rebuilt in 1940 as a barrel hall for aging wines, this unique, large open-plan space reveals the winery's history in every corner. An excellent choice for large-scale events. 


Sala Alfons XIII
C/ Doctor Janer, 6
08720 Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona)
A two-minute walk from the RENFE railway station of Vilafranca del Penedès

41°20'40.1"N 1°42'15.4"E | Google maps

A spacious hall dressed with grand oak barrels. 

Space: 750 m2
Forum: Theater 480 - School 480 - Banquet 480 - Cocktail 480

Vardon Kennett

The past, the surroundings and wine come together to create an unforgettable experience.

The British roots of the estate’s first resident and its namesake are vastly apparent in this venue that is a tribute to a man who fell in love with Penedès – Daniel Vardon Kennett.
The walls of this unique abode exude peace and warmth and the historically significant patrimonial estate houses the Santa Maria d’Agulladolç Romanesque chapel dating back to the 11th Century.


Vardon Kennett Cellar
Santa Margarida d’Agulladolç
Crta. Canaletes s/n 08773
Mediona (Barcelona)

41°29'02.0"N 1°40'51 | Google maps

Cosy and functional spaces with access to a patio and a large central table perfect for the tasting of the family’s sparkling wine with serene views over the beautiful vineyards surrounding the house.
The exterior offers quite possibly the most spectacular sunset of all of the Penedès County.
This locale, enveloped in natural beauty, is easily adapted for various types of outdoor events and celebrations.

Space: 327 m2
Forum: Theater a consultar - School a consultar - Banquet a consultar - Cocktail a consultar

Mas Rabell de Fontenac

A rural and very welcoming atmosphere 

A Catalan farmhouse in the heart of the Penedès owned by the Torres family. Mas Rabell has kept its country charm and the beauty of tradition.
The restaurant offers traditional, Mediterranean and local cuisine basedon market products and even its own produce, since the Masia has its own organic orchard. A clear advocacy of proximity and sustainability very much in line with the wine proposals of Torres, which produces organic wines since 1975.

Els Hostalets i Can Lleó
08731 Sant Martí Sarroca – Penedès (Barcelona)
10 minutes from the winery and 45 minutes
from Barcelona and its Airport

41o 22’ 32.4” N, 1o 37’ 46” E | Google maps

Space with rural soul, ideal for company or social gatherings and also for enjoying the exquisite cuisine of the Mas Rabell restaurant. The room, divided into two areas by a fixed glass, has a sound system installed and a permanent Wi-fi connection.

Space: 95 m2
Forum: Theater 45 - School 45 - Banquet 90 - Cocktail 90

Space with rural soul, ideal for company or social gatherings and also for enjoying the exquisite cuisine of the Mas Rabell restaurant. The room, divided into two areas by a fixed glass, has a sound system installed and a permanent Wi-fi connection.

Space: 60 m2
Forum: Theater 30 - School 20 - Banquet 90 - Cocktail 90

Large bright room with views of the vineyard, ideal for corporate events or banquets. Natural light filters through its windows, making it an ideal place for banquets. At the same time, the curtains of the windows allow to darken the room for projection. It has a sound system installed, a projector and Wi-fi. 

Space: 85 m2
Forum: Theater 100 - School 60 - Banquet 100 - Cocktail 100

Surrounded by vineyards, the Mas Rabell garden allows you to enjoy snacks and cocktails outdoors. The terrace is crowned by a century-old holm oak that maintains its rural soul, with a garden with a plot of old tuff, light and electrical outlets. 

Space: 300 m2
Forum: Theater * - School * - Banquet 190 - Cocktail 300

Located a few metres away from Mas Rabell, this XIV-century masia has different intimate and welcoming spaces that are ideal for small-format meetings. Its tranquillity and inspiration is ideal for reflection and team spirit. Mas Rabell’s kitchen is in charge of catering services at the Rustic Masia.

Space: 69 m2
Forum: Theater 30 - School 35 - Banquet 20 - Cocktail *

A cozy space, ideal for small business meetings or lunch in a more intimate space.

Space: 69 m2
Forum: Theater * - School * - Banquet 8 - Cocktail *

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