The more we care for the earth, the better our wine

We live on an amazing planet with a fundamental trait that makes it unique within the known universe: its climate system. The atmosphere makes life on Earth possible, which is why protecting the climate is one of the best ways of conserving nature and its fascinating biodiversity.

Solar radiation, oceans, volcanic activity, ice sheets and glaciers are among the elements that interact naturally with the Earth's atmosphere and influence our planet's climate, which has changed several times throughout history.

In the 19th century, industrialization ushered in a phenomenon separate from any natural system but capable of changing the atmosphere and with it, the climate: the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions released by burning fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal.


The increase in CO2 levels as a result of human activity is intensifying the greenhouse effect, causing the current warming trend and changing the overall climate.

This has caused the global average temperature to rise by almost one degree Celsius since the beginning of the 19th century, causing an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme natural events, including droughts, hurricanes, wild fires and floods. Specifically in Catalonia, we have witnessed a 1.2ºC increase in average temperature over the past 50 years.

Winegrowing is an age-old tradition that now faces the greatest challenge in its history:
adapting to the new climate scenario to ensure its continuity, as we understand it today

The vine is a plant extremely sensitive to temperature changes, a variation that directly affects the vineyard and causes an advance of the harvests, which in turn could influence the quality of wines.


In view of the gradual increase in observed temperatures, in 2007 we decided to intensify actions aimed at taking care of the land and protecting the environment and establishing the fight against climate change as one of the main axes of our environmental policy.