IWCA 2022 Annual Report released: Setting the agenda for wine industry decarbonization globally

16 November 2022

Founded by Familia Torres, Spain, and Jackson Family Wines, California, in 2019, International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) has grown from 10 wineries to 37 in just 3 years and clearly demonstrating that IWCA provided the benchmark for a science-based approach to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry. 

Over the past year, and in the midst of a global pandemic, IWCA has grown stronger as an organization and has fostered a space for exchange and learning, maximizing wineries’ external expertise to develop new and exclusive greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) accounting tools and established rigorous protocols for measurement and verification. IWCA member wineries—large and small, across nine countries—are committed to transforming their businesses to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.  

The 2nd IWCA Annual Report includes individual winery spotlights, focusing on the efforts of each member in its journey to reduce GHG emissions. It gives unprecedented insight into how climate change is affecting wineries across the world and how each of those wineries are working to reduce their carbon emissions through innovation and hard work. This report is an essential read for commentators, opinion-formers, and fellow winery owners if climate action is high on their agenda. 

Commenting on the release of IWCA’s 2022 Annual Report, Miguel A. Torres, Familia Torres and IWCA’s President, said: “Now that COP 27 is coming to an end, the release of IWCA’s second Annual Report shows the need for urgent global action. As a partner of the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign, our annual report highlights how winery members are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Raising awareness about climate change and how it affects the wine sector together, IWCA works to motivate its peers to act and join the movement to inspire change.