Familia Torres, one of the 10 Best Sustainable Producers in Spain in 2024, according to BBVA and El Celler de Can Roca

07 June 2024

Familia Torres is, with its organic red wine Clos Ancestral 2022 (DO Penedès), one of the ten winners of the 2024 BBVA Awards for the Best Sustainable Producers in Spain, awarded in collaboration with El Celler de Can Roca. The family winery from Penedès and the other awardees have stood out for applying environmental sustainability in its production schemes, as well as for promoting the rural environment, generational renewal and positive social impact. A total of 200 producers from all Spanish regions have participated in this edition of the awards.  

The jury, consisting of members from BBVA, El Celler de Can Roca and ECODES (Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo), has particularly valued of Familia Torres the reduction of the carbon footprint achieved, the use of green energy (solar and biomass), the measures to improve energy efficiency during production processes – both in terms of energy and water consumption; waste management; the practice of regenerative viticulture, and the recovery of ancestral varieties such as Moneu –which is used in Clos Ancestral–, in addition to the social and cooperation projects in which it collaborates. 

"We feel proud to have received this distinction, which confirms our effort and motivates us to continue working as we have always done, with the utmost respect for our legacy, our people and our environment," said Josep Sabarich, technical director at Familia Torres. Sabarich pointed out that one of the winery's main motivations has always been to work with respect for the environment “because we live off the land, and the more we care for the earth, the better our wines”.  

For the fifth consecutive year, the banking entity and the Roca brothers have recognised the work of ten producers in order to highlight their commitment to the environment and inclusive and responsible production, as well as to serve as inspiration for other entrepreneurs. The winners of the 2024 BBVA Awards for the Best Sustainable Producers in Spain are: the Corbella extra virgin olive oil from Oli Migjorn and the organic red wine Clos Ancestral 2022 from Familia Torres (Catalonia); the organic lamb meat from María Pía Sanchez (Extremadura); the albaida honey and aloe vera flower from Atalaya Bio (Madrid); the Agraz Verjus Robles dressing from Bodegas Robles (Andalusia); the organic seawater with saffron from La Carrasca (Aragon); the mini kiwi from Finca Terramor (Asturias); the 100% vegetable pumpkin chorizo from Calabizo (Galicia); the organic grape liqueur 'Justina de Liébana' from Orulisa (Cantabria); and the organic cheese from Beato de Tábara (Castilla y León). All of them will be part of a dissemination plan to share their stories throughout Spain, and their products will be included in a recipe prepared by the Roca brothers, from El Celler de Can Roca.