The more we care for the earth, the better our wine

Torres & Earth

Our deep commitment to nature conservation and environmental protection, as well as our desire to keep making outstanding wines, inspired us to launch the Torres & Earth program in 2008.

The goal of this environmental action program is twofold: adapting our activity to climate change and reducing our carbon emissions to help mitigate it.


During this time, we have lowered our carbon emissions by more than a quarter, but we want to do more. The ultimate goal is for our activity to become carbon neutral.


We are taking the following steps to make this a reality.


At Familia Torres, we are implementing several projects and actions to help mitigate climate change. These are just a few examples. If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch or visit our winery in Pacs del Penedès (Barcelona).


Mitigation efforts are aimed at reducing the emissions responsible for climate change in order to curb rising temperatures and prevent worst-case scenarios.

  • Energia Renovable Icon


    • 25% of the energy consumption derived from our activity comes from
 100% renewable energy sources: photovoltaic (solar), wind, geothermal and biomass.
  • Eficiencia Energetica Icon


    • Reducing our energy needs and environmental impact through building designs based on energy-efficient architecture.
    • Underground warehouses and insulated vats for improved efficiency.
  • Movilidad Sostenible Icon


    • 104 hybrid and electric vehicles (60% of our fleet).
    • New electric equipment for our wineries, warehouses and vineyards.
    • The electric train at our Visitors Center in Pacs del Penedès also runs on solar power.
  • Optimización de Agua Icon


    • 38.000m3 of harvested rainwater (one cubic meter equals a thousand liters).
    • 40% of the wastewater generated by the winery is recycled.
  • Botellas más ligeras Icon


    • Reduction in bottle weight

      25% Bordeaux-style 24% Burgundy-style 7% brandy
  • Sumideros de Carbono Icon


    • 2.000 hectares of vineyards
    • 1.850 hectares of company-owned forests
  • Gestión de Residuos Icon


    • 99,3% of waste is recycled
    • 450m3 of waste sorting
    • 46 types of waste are separated