Torres 15

Ahead of its time

Hints of vanilla and nuts come together with citric and toasted wood notes in this exceptional brandy. Elegant, intense and delicate, Torres 15 is a brandy worth the most exquisite of palates.

Amber with gold highlights. Intense, elegant and nuanced aroma. A predominance of toasted, smoky notes enveloped in aromas of cedar. Vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruit and nuts with spiced undertones of oak. Highly complex and well-structured palate, unctuous and rich in tannins. Hints of toasted oak; lingering, concentrated and deep on the finish.

5 Awards

  • Gold Medal - Torres 15 United Kingdom · 2015
  • Silver Medal - Torres 15 Germany · 2017
  • Gold Medal - Torres 15 United Kingdom · 2016
  • Silver Medal - Torres 15 USA · 2017
  • Silver Medal - Torres 15 United Kingdom · 2017