29 May 2023
Vinos blancos

Varietal Elegance and Freshness 

These five white wines from Familia Torres could not be more different from one another, but they are all an absolute must this season.  As the days get warmer, here are five personality-driven wines to cool the palate.  


Sons de Prades
Friends enjoying a glass of white wine on a terrace 

Clos Ancestral White (DO Penedès) 

The latest wine to join the family emerged from the project to recover ancestral varieties, an initiative which Familia Torres began more than three decades ago. These varieties have shown great oenological potential and a natural resistance to the effects of climate change.  

Forcada is among the white pre-phylloxera varieties that have been vinified, here in combination with the indigenous Xarel·lo to create the identity of a truly unmistakable wine.   


“Forcada is a variety that allows us to recover our vinicultural heritage, and it is very interesting from an oenological perspective, primarily because it maintains its excellent acidity even in warm vintages.” Miguel Torres Maczassek


Clos Ancestral White 2022 organic wine; clean, bright, pale yellow in colour. Delicate and seductive, offering a symphony of fruit aromas (lemon, grapefruit, tangerine). Fresh and lively on the palate, with fine succulent texture.  Xarel·lo adds those herbaceous hints that remind us of home. 


Clos Ancestral Blanco
Clos Ancestral White, made from the Forcada and Xarel·lo varieties, a Familia Torres property  

Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda) 

On a constant search for excellence and driven by a tireless desire to make wines which reveal the essence of each wine region, Familia Torres expanded its initial winemaking operations in Fompedraza (DO Ribera del Duero) to include another winery in Villafranca del Duero, a unique space in the DO Rueda region. 


Pale golden hues seduce the eye, recalling lively limpid gold. Brilliant. The nose is intense and heady with distinctive varietal notes of fennel, green almond, and citrus against an aromatic backdrop of white flowers. Striking palate entry, firm yet silky; pleasant and fleshy (mango and peach), revealing a streak of elegant acidity that adds great length to the palate. 


Celeste Verdejo 2020 is pure herbaceous freshness and versatility. An exceptionally food-friendly wine, it also makes for a lovely aperitif and pairs well with all kinds of green fare like salads, as well as feeling right at home with fish and seafood. 


Celeste Verdejo
Celeste Verdejo, from DO Rueda, is a Verdejo varietal 


Fransola (DO Penedès) 

In the highest vineyards of Penedès, we find the Fransola estate. For the past 20 years, Familia Torres has grown Sauvignon Blanc here to make one of its most elegant and personal white varietals.  

Cool nights and mild days provide the perfect winegrowing climate, producing the finest Sauvignon Blanc grapes to make this elegant wine. 


Golden, brilliant, clean, and radiant to the eye. On the nose, fruit notes (ripe peach) unfold over a delicate bed of fine creamy (butter) and spicy (vanilla) nuances with subtle hints reminiscent of dried fruit (hazelnut praline). Flavourful and pleasant on the palate with a delicate finish. 


Fransola from DO Penedès is the perfect match for the rice and mussels served at the El Celleret restaurant   


Sons de Prades (DO Conca de Barberà) 

Made under the banner of the prestigious DO Conca de Barberà and sheltered by the Serra de Prades mountains, the vineyards of Milmanda grow under extreme conditions with shifts in temperature that benefit the development of varietal aromas.  


Sons de Prades 2021 is a Chardonnay that offers an authentic expression of the region and its thousand-year-old history. At the same time, it is a magnificent example of modern winemaking that brings out the very best of the variety: aromatic intensity, solid acidity, and long ageing potential. 


Sons de Prades
Sons de Prades, DO Conca de Barberà, is the ideal companion for a friendly terrace gathering 


In appearance, Sons de Prades is a brilliant pale shade of gold.  Charming. Stunning fruit on the nose; ripe pineapple, banana, and subtle notes of stone fruit mingle with echoes of wildflowers (broom) and, layered underneath, a citrusy trace that really comes to the fore on the substantial and flavourful palate.  

The finish is long and clean, leaving an elegant sensation characteristic of the variety. 


Waltraud (DO Penedès) 

Made from the finest Riesling harvests in Penedès, this sweet rarity will surprise anyone who encounters it for the first time. This German variety grown in Penedès brings us an aromatically intense wine with a smooth, elegant body and a surprising palate. 


Waltraud exemplifies the artistic expression of wine: not only is it named after the woman who inspired the wine, but her work adorns the label. The woman in question is Waltraud Maczassek, a German artist married to Miguel A. Torres, who decided to make an elegant wine in her honour, from a German variety grown in Alt Penedès. To do so, he chose Riesling, one of the white varieties most appreciated for its aromatic intensity.


Luminous, clean, pale straw colour in appearance. Intense and lively nose, revealing citrus notes (lemon, tangerine) with fine floral (lemon balm) nuances and aromatic undertones reminiscent of lemon grass. An irresistible caress on the palate, silky and sensuous.  


Waltraud, DO Penedès, is a white wine made from the Riesling variety


Five wines, five varieties, and five ways of discovering a wine region and its heritage through a constant search for excellence and uniqueness.