Sweet rarity

Waltraud is made with the best harvests of Riesling, which is one of the most highly prized aromatic varieties - and rightly so given that it is capable of producing such an elegantly sublime and magnificently fruity wine as this.

Waltraud Maczassek, of German nationality, put down roots in the Penedès region when she married Miguel A. Torres. That's why he decided to make a wine in her honour, using German varieties but planted in the Upper Penedès.

Penedès (Barcelona)

Grape Types

  • - Riesling

DO Penedès

The Penedès has been associated for decades with innovative vineyards and wineries.

Ever since it became the first area in Spain to use stainless steel and cold fermentation equipment, the vine growers of the Penedès have been making excellent modern wines from a mix of native and French grape varieties. This has been possible because of the variety of altitudes, lands and micro-climates found in the Penedès which foster the ideal growth of the different grape types.

Denominación de Origen Penedès
  • 1/1


    Its wines are elegant and fruity with subtle, silky and fresh bodies. This is the variety used to make the fragrant Waltraud.


9 Awards

  • 94 points - Waltraud 2013 Spain · 2015
  • 94 points - Waltraud 2015 Spain · 2017
  • 93 points - Waltraud 2014 Spain · 2016
  • 91 points - Waltraud 2015 Spain · 2017
  • 92 points - Waltraud 2013 Spain · 2016
  • 91 points - Waltraud 2013 Spain · 2015
  • 91 points - Waltraud 2014 Spain · 2016
  • 83 points - Waltraud 2013 Spain · 2015
  • 90 points - Waltraud 2013 Spain · 2016

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