15 February 2023

Wines With Personality

For a Father’s Day gift, Familia Torres proposes three red wines from three Catalan regions made from indigenous varieties. Pirene 2020 is the only wine made from this recovered ancestral variety, cultivated in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Purgatori 2020 originates from the Purgatori estate, located in the D.O. Costers del Segre appellation of origin. Salmos 2018 is a Priorat with an elegant new look.


PIRENE 2020 

Pirene is the latest wine to exemplify Familia Torres’s efforts to recover ancestral varieties, a project the winery has been pursuing for the past 40 years, both as a way of restoring the winegrowing heritage of Catalonia as well as finding solutions to adapt the vineyards to climate change. 

Pirene is a very limited-production wine made from the variety of the same name, grown in the Sant Miquel de Tremp vineyard at an elevation of 950 metres. The wine is surprisingly elegant, aromatically intense, and fresh. 

The variety offers an intense, brilliant, beautiful colour and a generous amount of tannins. On the nose, it reveals plenty of charming, lively red fruit with a very expressive spicy mineral streak. The midpalate is exquisitely elegant and surprising in terms of its texture and finesse, with flavourful fleshy fruit yet fresh all the way to the finish



Pirene is a very limited-production wine made from the Pirene variety, grown in the Sant Miquel de Tremp vineyard at an elevation of 950 metres.



A fresh elegant wine with a Mediterranean character, Purgatori originates from the eponymous estate in the D.O. Costers del Segre appellation of origin, in the Les Garrigues subzone.  

The wine has a curious story: in the 18th century, Benedictine monks made wine at the farmhouse which now houses the winery and cultivated this harsh land marked by an extreme climate. According to legend, large barrels of wine would mysteriously vanish, a phenomenon which the monks attributed to the angels. 

Today Purgatori is the tangible manifestation of this Benedictine heritage, expressed in an elegant modern wine. Deep in colour and captivating on the nose, it reveals a lively interplay of wild berries, subtle smoky undertones, and echoes of dried fruit. A voluptuous wine with fine tannins that envelops the palate.  Potent but balanced. The definition of full-bodied elegance.



Purgatori is a fresh elegant wine, Mediterranean in character, that originates from the Purgatori estate in the D.O. Costers del Segre.



This was the first wine Familia Torres produced in Priorat in 2005 as a tribute to the Carthusian monks who introduced winegrowing to the region. The grapes for Salmos primarily originate from the La Giberga vineyard in Porrera, a Familia Torres property consisting of hillside terraces planted with Garnacha and Cariñena in the 1990s, which inspired the new label.

Salmos 2018 charms the eye with its gorgeous opaque dark ruby red colour. Intense expressive fruit (ripe black fruit, cassis, blackberry jam) predominate on the nose, along with mineral nuances and hints of spices like white pepper, with subtle toasty cocoa notes coming through. Delicate yet flavourful on the palate, with round velvety tannins. Firm bodied and with remarkable personality, Salmos is a well-structured wine culminating in an elegant persistent finish.




Salmos 2018 originates from La Giberga in Porrera, a winery-owned vineyard of Garnacha and Cariñena planted on hillside terraces in the 1990s, which inspired the new label. 


Wine culture offers us endless possibilities within a single bottle. Beyond the product itself and its particular characteristics, the intention of the person giving the gift imbues the wine with special significance. 



Table set for a toast with Purgatori