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The Silver subscription includes a quarterly shipment of six authentic wines for lovers of the wine world. Carefully crafted at our wineries around the world, these wines evoke their magnificent landscapes of origin in the glass.

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Clos Ancestral

Clos Ancestral White

DO Penedès


For more than 2,000 years, winegrowing has existed around Castell de la Bleda, in the heart of Penedès. Remains from the Iberian, Roman, and medieval periods, as well as from just before the phylloxera plague, have all been found at this site. Since the early 1980s, we have been working to recover ancestral varieties to play a part in recovering Catalonia’s vineyard heritage and look for solutions to deal with climate change. Over time, we have seen that besides showing great winemaking potential, some of these varieties are extremely resistant to high temperatures and drought. In the case of forcada, the first white prephyloxeric variety recovered and vinified, cupaje is completed with a small percentage of the native xarello variety, which contributes to the aromatic complexity of wine with grain notes and reinforces its territorial identity.

Jean Leon 3055 PV

Jean Leon 3055 PV

DO Penedès

When Jean Leon first arrived in New York, he worked as a taxi driver. 3055 was his license number and represents a look at the man behind the legend. The humble beginnings of an idealist who made his dreams come true, to open the most luxurious restaurant in Hollywood, "La Scala", and to produce his own wine.


Celeste Crianza

DO Ribera del Duero

Celeste is born 895 meters above sea level, where the vines and the sky form a magical connection, resulting in a wine filled with the freshness, emotion, and intensity of a starry night.