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The Second Regenerative Viticulture Conference will bring together experts in living soils,...

Event, 2022-04-29

The Second Regenerative Viticulture Conference will take place on Monday, 9th (...)

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The €100,000 Primum Familiae Vini Prize of 2022 winner is… Brun de Vian-Tiran (8th generation,...

News, 2022-04-11

The Primum Familiae Vini are pleased to announce that the jury formed of one (...)

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Familia Torres, the World's Most Admired Wine Brand according to the wine professionals

Award, 2022-04-01

Familia Torres has been voted The World's Most Admired Wine Brand by (...)

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Food and Wine Pairings, Exclusive Tours, and Live Music: A Few Wine Tourism Ideas from Familia...

News, 2022-03-07

Familia Torres is stepping up its wine experiences over Easter to give visitors (...)

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Award, 2022-02-02

The Primum Familiae Vini, composed of twelve leading European wine producers, (...)

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Harvest report 2021

News, 2021-12-30


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Familia Torres’ Milmanda 2018 and Mas La Plana 2017 among Spain’s best wines according to James...

Award, 2021-12-16

Familia Torres appears with two of its wines in the ranking of the 100 best (...)

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Familia Torres named ‘Green Company of the Year’ by British magazine The Drinks Business

, 2021-12-03

FFamilia Torres’ environmental work was recognized at the 12th edition of the

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The Regenerative Viticulture Association promotes a paradigm shift in Spanish vineyards

News, 2021-11-16

Driving a paradigm shift in vineyard management in Spain to fight against (...)

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Familia Torres designs a pioneering system to capture and reuse CO2 from wine fermentation

News, 2021-11-05

Familia Torres has designed an innovative system to capture and reuse the CO2 (...)

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Mas La Plana 2015 by Familia Torres, named one of the finest age-worthy wines of 2021 by Wine...

Award, 2021-10-26

Mas La Plana 2015 (DO Penedès), the flagship wine of Familia Torres, has made (...)

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Familia Torres participates in the European VitiGEOSS project to develop an intelligent vineyard...

News, 2021-10-01

Familia Torres participates in the European VitiGEOSS Project which aims to (...)

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Familia Torres named one of the world's best vineyards to visit

Award, 2021-09-24

Familia Torres consolidates its reputation as one of the world's finest (...)

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Familia Torres presents new vintages of its five flagship wines

News, 2021-09-21

Familia Torres recently invited sommeliers and wine writers to discover the (...)

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Torres Brandy Zero Challenge, the first international competition for sustainable bar initiatives

News, 2021-09-20

Torres Brandy, the brandy brand created in Barcelona in 1928, calls on bar (...)

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Familia Torres aspires to cut CO2 emissions by more than 60% by 2030

News, 2021-07-28

Familia Torres has revised upwards its CO2 emissions-per-bottle target for 2030, (...)

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Horeca Challenge, organized by Mediapro, Damm and Familia Torres, culminates in the Demo Day...

Event, 2021-07-08

Horeca Challenge, the initiative launched by the MEDIAPRO Group, Damm and (...)

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5 Familia Torres wines awarded the highest ratings by Wine Spectator

Award, 2021-07-05

Familia Torres wines continue to score very highly in prestigious international (...)

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International ecologist Allan Savory to give keynote speech at First Regenerative Viticulture...

Event, 2021-06-02

The First Regenerative Viticulture Conference held in Vilafranca del Penedès on (...)

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Familia Torres launches First Regenerative Viticulture Conference in Vilafranca del Penedès

Event, 2021-05-21

Familia Torres has launched the First Regenerative Viticulture Conference, which (...)

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The recovered variety Moneu joins the blend of Familia Torres’s new wine Clos Ancestral 2019

News, 2021-05-13

Familia Torres takes another step forward in its project to recover ancestral (...)

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Familia Torres presents Secret del Priorat 2018, a pleasant, indulgent red wine

News, 2021-04-12

Familia Torres is expanding its range of Priorat wines with a new pleasant, (...)

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Familia Torres, the World's Most Admired Wine Brand according to the wine professionals

Award, 2021-04-06

Familia Torres has been voted The World's Most Admired Wine Brand by (...)

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The €100,000 Primium Familiae Vini Prize of 2021 winner is Maison Bernard in Belgium, Europe’s...

News, 2021-03-22

The Primum Familiae Vini are pleased to announce that a jury formed of one (...)

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An Open Passport to Visit Twelve of the Finest Wine Producing Families in Europe To be Offered...

News, 2021-03-12

Wine collectors yearning for the chance both to travel and indulge their passion (...)

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Startups Click And Plan, PurificAir, and Miss Tipsi winners of the Horeca Challenge, organized by...

News, 2021-02-26

Startups Click And Plan, PurificAir and Miss Tipsi were chosen as the winners of (...)

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Familia Torres commits to regenerative grape growing to fight against climate change

News, 2021-02-25

Familia Torres has launched an agricultural plan to implement the regenerative (...)

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COPPEREPLACE, an international project aimed at reducing the use of copper in vineyards

News, 2021-02-17

A total of 13 Spanish, French, and Portuguese organizations and companies in the (...)

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Familia Torres presents the new look of Perpetual, its flagship Priorat wine

, 2021-02-12

Familia Torres presents the 2017 vintage of Perpetual (DOQ Priorat) which brings (...)

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Five extraordinary family companies nominated for €100,000 PFV Prize of 2021

Award, 2021-01-27

The Primum Familiae Vini, composed of twelve historic European wine producers, (...)

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Torres Brandy, the favorite brandy among the best bars in the world according to Drinks...

Award, 2021-01-21

Torres Brandy remains the favorite brandy among the best bars in the world (...)

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Mas de la Rosa 2017 from Familia Torres achieves the top score of 99/100 in the Gourmets wine guide

, 2020-11-05

Mas de la Rosa Vinyes Velles 2017 (DOQ Priorat), the most exclusive wine from (...)

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Familia Torres, Mediapro and Damm call for start-ups to boost bars and restaurant business

News, 2020-11-04

The MEDIAPRO Group, Damm and Familia Torres support the catering sector with the (...)

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Las Pisadas 2016 wins a gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards

Award, 2020-10-08

Las Pisadas 2016 (DOCa Rioja), from La Carbonera winery, has achieved a gold (...)

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Familia Torres’ Grans Muralles 2016 among the world’s 50 best wines according to the Decanter...

Award, 2020-09-24

Grans Muralles, the wine made by Familia Torres in the DO Conca de Barberà, was (...)

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Familia Torres presents the 4th Torres & Earth Awards recognizing important initiatives to combat...

Award, 2020-09-18

Familia Torres has announced the recipients of the 4th Torres & Earth Awards (...)

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Celeste Verdejo 2019, the new Rueda from Pago del Cielo

News, 2020-07-14

The winery-owned vineyards closest to the Duero River bring us Celeste Verdejo (...)

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Familia Torres presents a new Vinyarets wine, an organic Xarel·lo in homage to Penedès

, 2020-06-10

Familia Torres presents a new Vinyarets wine, part of a range that pays homage (...)

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El Celleret, Familia Torres’s restaurant amid the vineyards, opens its doors again

News, 2020-05-27

Familia Torres's El Celleret Restaurant in Pacs del Penedès reopened on May 28, (...)

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Familia Torres makes food donation to Comer Contigo solidarity initiative

, 2020-05-07

Familia Torres is donating food to Comer Contigo, a (...)

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Familia Torres helps combat Covid-19 through medical equipment and technology

News, 2020-04-28

Familia Torres continues its efforts to help fight the coronavirus with a (...)

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Familia Torres still the most admired wine brand in Europe according to Drinks International

, 2020-04-06

According to Drinks International, Familia Torres once again tops the European (...)

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Familia Torres participates in production of 3D-printed protective equipment for medical staff

News, 2020-04-02

Familia Torres joins the Penedès maker community and uses its 3D printers to (...)

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Mas La Plana by Familia Torres, one of the most searched-for Cabernets on

, 2020-03-26

Mas La Plana by Familia Torres (DO Penedès) was among the ten most searched-for, (...)

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Familia Torres celebrates 150 years as an internationally renowned family winery

, 2020-02-20

Although the origins of Familia Torres as vine growers are documented as dating (...)

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New York Times wine critic includes Familia Torres’s ancestral varietal Pirene among top wine picks

Award, 2019-12-12

The ancestral variety Pirene, which Familia Torres is experimenting with at its (...)

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Harvest Report 2019

News, 2019-12-04


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International Wineries for Climate Action named Social Visionary of the Year by Wine Enthusiast

, 2019-11-06

Cofounders Familia Torres and Jackson Family Wines Honored for Leading (...)

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Familia Torres presents Vinyarets, a collection of wines that express the diversity and richness...

News, 2019-11-04

Familia Torres presents Vinyarets, a collection of Penedès wines made from (...)

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The European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV) gathers 27 EU Wine company leaders in Barcelona...

Event, 2019-10-09

Barcelona, 8 October 2019 – The present and future of wine is discussed in (...)

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Familia Torres gathers Penedès team and joins global call for climate action

News, 2019-09-27

Miguel A. Torres speaks out on climate change, calling on (...)

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Castell de la Bleda, a Familia Torres property, built on an Iberian and Roman settlement

News, 2019-07-31

Archaeological works carried out on Castell de la Bleda, a building cataloged as (...)

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Familia Torres ranked among the world’s Top 50 best vineyards to visit

, 2019-07-18

The Familia Torres winery in Pacs del Penedès is among the world’s 50 top (...)

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El Celleret, the new wine restaurant at Familia Torres’s Penedès winery

, 2019-07-09

Familia Torres recently opened El Celleret Garden Restaurant, an elegant and (...)

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A carbon tax is the most effective solution for tackling the climate emergency, according to the...

Event, 2019-06-06

The experts meeting this Wednesday, 5 June, at the 8th Environment Conference (...)

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Grans Muralles 2014, from Familia Torres, takes “Best in Show” at the Decanter World Wine Awards

Award, 2019-05-29

Grans Muralles 2014 from Familia Torres has taken “Best in Show“ at the Decanter (...)

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Familia Torres brings together international experts to present urgent actions to combat climate...

Event, 2019-04-10

Familia Torres held a climate change conference with international experts this (...)

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Familia Torres presents its most exclusive wine: Mas de la Rosa 2016, DOQ Priorat

News, 2019-04-02

With Mas de la Rosa Vinyes Velles 2016, a new exclusive wine of remarkable (...)

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Familia Torres and Jackson Family Wines join efforts to create a working group of wineries to...

News, 2019-02-28

Familia Torres and Jackson Family Wines have announced today in Barcelona their (...)

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Signature Wine Experiences, luxury wine tourism at Familia Torres

News, 2018-10-22

Familia Torres introduces Signature Wine Experiences, three select wine tourism (...)

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Familia Torres inaugurates its winery in Costers del Segre dedicated to its Purgatori wine

News, 2018-09-18

Familia Torres’s new Purgatori winery in Les Garrigues, in Lleida, is up and (...)

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Familia Torres will plant trees in Chilean Patagonia to mitigate the effects of climate change

News, 2018-07-24

Familia Torres has recently acquired an extensive property in Chilean Patagonia (...)

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Nine Familia Torres wines with more than 90 Parker points

Award, 2018-05-15

Luis Gutiérrez, Spain's wine reviewer for the renowned ROBERT PARKER'S WINE (...)

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Masters of Wine Show Their Support for the Torres Family’s Project to Recover Ancestral Varieties

Event, 2018-05-08

Andreas Kubach MW and Fernando Mora MW believe that some of these pre-phylloxera (...)

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The El Celler de Can Roca Gastronomic Experience in Cancún will Feature Two Torres Family Wines

Event, 2018-05-04

The Torres Family wines Grans Muralles 2004 and Marimar Estate Mas Cavalls 2014 (...)

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Familia Torres recognizes El Hierro's commitment to renewables at the 2nd Torres & Earth Awards

, 2018-03-20

At the 2nd Torres & Earth Awards, presented by Miguel A. Torres at a recent (...)

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Familia Torres, The World's Most Admired Wine Brand according to the wine professionals

Award, 2018-03-19

Familia Torres is considered The World's Most Admired Wine Brand by (...)

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Familia Torres wins World Food Travel Association award for its wine tourism experiences

Award, 2018-02-02

Familia Torres received the Best Wine Experience award for its original De la (...)

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Familia Torres Lounge, a new pop-up space serving great wines in Vall d'Aran

Event, 2017-12-19

From December 27th to January 1st, wine lovers enjoyed thirteen by-the-glass (...)

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Harvest Report 2017 - Catalunya

News, 2017-11-20

2017 has been an excellent year for quality. Ripening has been gradual and the (...)

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Bodegas Torres researches ways of reusing the CO2 from fermentation to fight climate change

News, 2017-10-18

Torres experiments with technologies in cooperation with companies and (...)

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Torres Reserva Real 2011 considered the best Penedès wine by critic James Suckling

Award, 2017-08-03

Eight Torres Family wines scored above 90 points in his Spanish wine tasting (...)

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Miguel A. Torres wins Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute of Masters of Wine and Drinks...

Award, 2017-06-22

The Institute of Masters of Wine and international trade publication the Drinks (...)

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The Torres Family’s Mas La Plana 2012 shines at the Decanter World Wine Awards

Award, 2017-06-19

Reserva Real 2012 also wins a gold medal at the prestigious international (...)

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Bodegas Torres, named World’s Most Admired Wine Brand by wine professionals

Award, 2017-04-02

The winery leads for the third time the Drinks International‘s annual chart (...)

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Bodegas Torres recognizes suppliers for greatest reduction in CO2 emissions

News, 2017-02-22

The 1st Torres & Earth Awards go to the glass manufacturer Vidrala, the (...)

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Bodegas Torres offers 'Best Wine Event' according to Drinks International

Award, 2017-02-09

Bodegas Torres received the award for 'Best Wine Event' at the Wine Tourism (...)

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Harvest Report 2016

News, 2016-12-14

The 2016 harvest was one of the longest in the past decade. Generally speaking, (...)

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International experts gathered in Barcelona to discuss the pairing of wine and world cuisine

Event, 2016-10-09

The third edition of the Wine & Culinary International Forum took place this (...)

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Reserva Real by Bodegas Torres wins Red Bordeaux Varietals Trophy at Decanter World Wine Awards 2016

Award, 2016-08-01

Reserva Real 2011, a Torres family icon wine, reasserts its position as the best (...)

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El Celler de Can Roca selects Torres wines Grans Muralles and Milmanda for its world tour

News, 2016-07-25

Marimar Estate “Mas Cavalls” and the Chilean wines Estelado and Escaleras (...)

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Bodegas Torres to build a new winery at its L’Aranyó vineyard in Lleida

News, 2016-07-13

The winery will be used to produce its iconic wine Purgatori, from the Costers (...)

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Bodegas Torres brings together leading wine families

News, 2016-07-04

The Primum Familiae Vini association held its annual meeting in the Penedès, (...)

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Waltraud 2015 by Bodegas Torres: a symbiosis between art and wine

News, 2016-06-14

The German artist Waltraud Maczassek gives the wine that carries her name a (...)

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Milmanda chosen preferred European wine at 40th Anniversary “Judgement of Paris” dinner

Award, 2016-06-02

Organized by UK 5 Star Relais & Châteaux The Vineyard Hotel (...)

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Bodegas Torres reintroduces Moneu, an ancestral red grape, into the Penedès

News, 2016-06-01

Bodegas Torres is reintroducing the red variety Moneu into the Penedès on an (...)

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Bodegas Torres gives New Holland's methane tractor its first test run in Spain

News, 2016-05-16

The prototype reduces carbon emissions by 80% and paves the way for energy (...)

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Milmanda 2012 by Bodegas Torres at President Castro's Cuban state dinner in honor of President Obama

News, 2016-03-23

Milmanda 2012, a Bodegas Torres icon wine, was the white wine chosen for the (...)

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Bodegas Torres, voted most admired European wine brand by the sector’s professionals

Award, 2016-03-16

Torres retains its position for the sixth consecutive year and is ranked second (...)

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Bodegas Torres turnover of 263 million Euros in 2015

News, 2016-03-06

Sales of the company's high-end wines in the domestic market increase by 12 (...)

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Torres Brandy, among the top ten brandies and cognacs in the world’s best bars, according to...

Award, 2016-03-01

For the second year running, Torres Brandy has been listed among the top ten (...)

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Bodegas Torres receives a prize for the 'Most innovative Tourist Experience' at the Wine Tourism...

Award, 2016-02-14

Bodegas Torres has received the prize for the 'Most Innovative Tourist (...)

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San Valentín, Bodegas Torres's most romantic wine, wraps itself in white for Valentine's Day

News, 2016-01-11

San Valentín by Bodegas Torres celebrates Valentine's Day with a special edition (...)

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Celeste Crianza by Bodegas Torres Turns Ten

News, 2015-12-11

The Torres family's Ribera del Duero wins a gold medal at the Tempranillos al (...)

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Torres creates a microvinification winery to study revived ancestral varieties

News, 2015-10-05

The new facility will also focus on research projects related to climate change (...)

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Bodegas Torres encourages suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint

News, 2015-09-13

The winery introduces joint work dynamics designed to encourage plans that help (...)

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Mas La Plana and Grans Muralles - Torres wines chosen by the Roca brothers for their gastronomy...

News, 2015-08-11

Grans Muralles and Mas La Plana, two of Torres’ most symbolic wines, will (...)

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Bodegas Torres launches the first Chilean wine grown on slate soil terraces

News, 2015-08-06

Bodegas Torres presents Escaleras de Empedrado, the first Chilean wine to be (...)

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Torres revives two high-temperature resistant ancestral varieties

News, 2015-07-23

Moneu and Gonfaus join the 40 varieties revived over the past 30 years, seven of (...)

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Reserva Real by Torres wins the highest distinction at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2015

Award, 2015-06-14

Reserva Real 2010 awarded the International Trophy in the Bordeaux category and (...)

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Torres' Fransola 2014 named world's best oaked Sauvignon at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon

Award, 2015-06-04

The competition, which recently celebrated its sixth edition in the Italian (...)

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Twelve wineries in the Penedès join forces to revive “La Carretera del Vi”

News, 2015-05-10

Inspired by the so-called “Wine Roads” that exist in the rest of the world, this (...)

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Torres wins international award for its commitment to renewable energy

Award, 2015-04-27

The British magazine The Drinks Business celebrated its Green Awards in London (...)

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Jaime I by Torres awarded world’s best brandy at the World Drinks Awards 2015

Award, 2015-04-09

The Bodegas Torres brandies continue to reap international awards. Jaime I has (...)

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Torres buys vineyards in Ribera del Duero to produce an iconic wine

News, 2015-03-22

Bodegas Torres has bought 14 hectares of vineyards in the Ribera del Duero (...)

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Torres named World's Most Admired Wine Brand by Drinks International for second consecutive year

Award, 2015-03-05

Bodegas Torres has been voted – for the second consecutive year – ‘World's Most (...)

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Torres’ brandy breaks into the top ten selling brands according to Drinks International’s survey...

Award, 2015-02-19

Bodegas Torres debuts in the world’s top ten bestselling brandies chart, the (...)

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San Valentín by Torres recovers its romantic essence

News, 2015-02-13

Saint Valentine's Day is about to come and Bodegas Torres launches its most (...)

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Bodegas Torres resumes growth trend and increases turnover by 5% in 2014

News, 2015-02-09

Bodegas Torres grew 5% in value in 2014 compared to the previous year, reaching (...)

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Altos Ibéricos 2012 by Bodegas Torres, the best Rioja Crianza according to The Drinks Business

Award, 2015-01-06

The 2011 vintage was awarded Gold Medal and International Trophy “Best in show” (...)

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Torres celebrates the 40th vintage of its flagship wine Mas La Plana

News, 2014-11-20

Mas La Plana continues to be now, four decades later, the perfect ambassador of (...)

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Bodegas Torres supports the construction of a Refuge Home in Mexico with 275.000 EUR

News, 2014-11-16

Since its foundation in 1986, the Miguel Torres Foundation has cooperated in (...)

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Four Torres wines win gold medals at the Mundus Vini 2014 international competition

Award, 2014-10-30

The prizewinners are the flagship wines Mas La Plana and Grans Muralles and (...)

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A bird’s eye 360° vineyard view: the new Torres immersive experience

News, 2014-10-27

The company has presented the initiative at the 30th Duty Free & Travel (...)

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Leading gastronomy experts gathered in Barcelona for the II Wine & Culinary International Forum

Event, 2014-09-27

The gastronomic showcase demonstrated that, in the world of wine and food, (...)

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Bodegas Torres opens the Vinoteca Barcelona in Bahrein

Event, 2014-09-16

In opening this new space, Torres aims to strengthen its presence in the (...)

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Grans Muralles and Mas La Plana, the Torres wines selected by the Roca brothers for their...

News, 2014-07-22

They have also chosen the Marimar Estate Dobles Lías Chardonnay, a wine (...)

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Bodegas Torres consolidates its presence in Rueda

News, 2014-04-01

Miguel Torres consolidates its presence in the Rueda appellation of origin by (...)

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Torres takes 1st position in the “World's Most Admired Wine Brand” ranking by Drinks International

Award, 2014-03-09

Torres is the first Spanish and European winery awarded with this distinction (...)

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Habitat wines by Torres win medals at the MUNDUS VINI BioFach International Organic Wine Award 2014

Award, 2014-02-11

The organic wines by Bodegas Torres received Gold and Silver medals at the fifth (...)

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Torres' new electric-solar sightseeing train makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%

News, 2014-01-13

Bodegas Torres unveils the first electric-solar train to be used for wine tours (...)

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