Presenting Rosé de Mar 2017, the new sparkling rosé from Vardon Kennett, a Familia Torres property

22 July 2022

Vardon Kennett, the Familia Torres winery dedicated to making high-end sparkling wines, announces the release of Cuvée Rosé de Mar 2017. It is a very limited-production rosé made entirely from Pinot Noir grown at the winery’s own high-altitude vineyards. Much like the white Cuvée Esplendor, this is a vintage sparkling wine that has undergone long ageing, notable for its elegance and freshness thanks to the elevation of the vineyards and a careful selection of only the finest grapes.  

Distinguished by subtle, lively bubbles, Rosé de Mar 2017 is made according to the traditional method at a winery located on an old country estate in Santa Margarida d’Agulladolç in Alt Penedès, home to Daniel Vardon Kennett at the beginning of the 19th century. A maritime trader, adventurer, and entrepreneur, Vardon Kennett navigated the most remote seas until he decided to change the course of his life for love and settled in Penedès to make his own wines.  

As a tribute, Familia Torres named the winery after him. The name of the house’s second sparkling wine also suggests his seafaring past, much like the original shape of the bottle, with its undulating curves, recalls the waves of the sea. The fifth generation of the Penedès wine family initiated this winemaking project, launched in 2013 in a spirit of non-conformism and experimentation while evoking the origins and tradition of the estate. At the helm is winemaker Anna Velázquez, known for making wines of great finesse and freshness.  

Less than a thousand bottles were produced of Rosé de Mar 2017, most of which will be sold in Spain. A very refined Extra Brut rosé that pairs beautifully with food, Rosé de Mar 2017 lends full expression to Pinot Noir, with its typical varietal cherry notes, framed by a perfect balance between fine fruit acidity and the nuances imparted by long bottle ageing of at least 39 months.  

The new Vardon Kennett sparkling wine made its debut on Thursday, 21 July, at an event celebrated at Juno House Club, Barcelona’s first exclusive club for women, located in a renovated building built in 1915 known as La Farinera on Carrer Aribau. Winemaker Anna Velázquez presented the wine alongside sommelier Meritxell Falgueras, with a musical performance by Nika Mills. 

The flagship wine of the Vardon Kennett winery is Cuvée Esplendor, made since 2013 from the varieties Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and a small percentage of Xarel·lo. Fresh and elegant, with fine bubbles, this sparkling wine embraces the complexity of long ageing in the style of the finest champagnes.  

Note to the editor: Cuvée Rosé de Mar 2017 is commercialized mainly in Spain.