Wine and Food: Winter Pairings

As temperatures drop, a desire for peace and quiet sets in. Our culinary habits and cravings seek a sense of wellbeing in comfort foods and heartier fare with varied ingredients and lots of flavor.


Our kitchens welcome soups and stews, au gratin delicacies, casseroles, and roasts. Our initial impulse might be to reach for a good red to go with these dishes, but a partially or fully oak-aged white has some delightful surprises in store.



For example, let's take au gratin dishes. Lasagna or cannelloni topped with a crispy, toasted layer of cheese pair wonderfully with a Chardonnay that's seen a bit of oak. This might call for a bottle of Sons de Prades (DO Conca de Barberà).



Sons de Prades, un vino blanco de la variedad chardonnay de la DO Conca de Barberà

Sons de Prades, a white Chardonnay varietal from DO Conca de Barberà



For those late autumn dishes where mushrooms add a woodland touch, served with charcoal-grilled meat, Mediterranean varieties like Garnacha, Cariñena, and Tempranillo, especially if they're barrel aged, are the best option. The wine for the occasion: Salmos (DOC Priorat).


Vinyarets Tinto (DO Penedès) está elaborado con las variedades: cariñena, garnacha, tempranillo y sumoll

Vinyarets Red (DO Penedès) is a blend of the varieties Cariñena, Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Sumoll



Slow-cooked recipes pave the way for warm reds. Hearty stews and soups, brimming with pulses, veggies, and meat will welcome a medium-bodied red with ripe tannins to strike that sought-after balance with the unctuous texture and juiciness of a meaty stew. Garnachas and Tempranillos have the home advantage here. Vinyarets Red (DO Penedès) takes home the prize.


Roasts prepared on an open fire can handle a red with bigger tannins, which will soften on the palate. A well-aged Cabernet with a firm, flavorful profile, like our classic Mas La Plana (DO Penedès), will turn any meal into a true sensory experience.



Mas La Plana, un vino tinto ideal para maridarlo con platos como el asado

Mas La Plana, the perfect red to pair with a delicious roast



After all, eating and drinking well in winter adds a layer of comfort and coziness. The warm, exuberant embrace of winter, always in moderation, of course.

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