The effort and passion of five generations dedicated to wine


Our vision in Familia Torres is a world where we

Primum Familiae Vini - PFV
  • Celebrate life
  • Care for the earth
  • Carry on our legacy

Our Mission: "We are a team of individuals committed to one single objective: From the soil to the table, we create exceptional wines and distillates, with the aim of encouraging memorable experiences in every corner of the world”.

As a family company, we pass on our values of excellence from one generation to the next, and we have a firm belief in social, environmental and economic sustainability, by combining the tradition we have inherited with the constant innovation to lead the future.

Family Tree


The roots of the Torres family in the Penedès can be traced back to the 17th century. Documents show that even in those days the ancestors of the Torres family were vintners and sold their wines on a small scale.

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Jaime Torres Vendrell

Jaime Torres Vendrell 1843-1904

In 1860, Jaime Torres, an enterprising man with great initiative, emmigrated to Cuba at the age of eighteen. On his return In 1870 he founded "Torres y Compañia" with his brother Miguel.

The economic base for the foundation of Bodegas Torres was earned in Cuba; nine years working there allowed Jaime Torres to accumulate a small fortune with which he returned to Penedès in 1870 and founded “Torres y Compañía” with his brother, Miguel.

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Joan Torres Casals

Joan Torres Casals 1865-1932

Juan Torres Casals, the man behind the distillation of our Brandies, represented the second generation in the Torres family.

He began producing oak-aged mature Brandies in 1928. Some of the most outstanding work by Juan Torres included maintaining a hold on the overseas markets and increasing sales in the Spanish market.

His efforts were recognised with several prizes at the 1929 Barcelona World Expo.

Nowadays, asking for a Torres 5 or a Torres 10 in a restaurant is a reflex for many associated to simply asking for a Brandy. The brand has become a synonym for the product.

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Margarita Riera Puig

Margarita Riera Puig 1909-2004

Named Honorary President of the family-run winery business Bodegas Miguel Torres.

She played an important role in the reconstruction and development of the winery after 1939. She intensively worked with her husband, Miguel Torres Carbó and personally took care of the Eastern European markets: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia until 1989. She also regularly attended the Duty Free and SIAL trade shows in Paris where she handled Public Relations and was present at all of the most relevant society events in Barcelona. She fluently spoke English, French and German. In June 1993, the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Jordi Pujol, awarded her the Medal of Work “President Macià”. She continued actively participating in the company's management meetings until her health no longer permitted her to do so.

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Miguel A. Torres

Miguel A. Torres 1941

President of Familia Torres. Upon joining the family business in 1962 he modernized viticulture and winemaking techniques. His concern about climate change and the environment has been recognized internationally.

Born in Barcelona in 1941, Miguel A. Torres is the second son of Miguel Torres Carbó and Margarita Riera.

In 1957 he began his studies at the University of Barcelona (Chemical Sciences), and in 1959 he moved on to the University of Dijon (Burgundy), where he specialised in Oenology and Viticulture.
In 1962, he joined the family business, and currently serves as the President of the company.
In 1967 he married Waltraud Maczassek. It was decisive that his wife was German as Waltraud Maczassek initiated and directed exports to Germany, which today is one of the most important markets.
In addition to English and French, he speaks an acceptable German and has also studied Japanese, Chinese and Russian for several years.
He has written several books, the most recognized being "Vineyards and Wines" which was published in 1977 and which is now in its seventh revised and updated edition, available in Spanish and English.
In 1996, he was honoured by the Chilean government with the Grand Official of the Order of Bernardo O’Higgins, in recognition of his services to improve the relations between Spain and Chile, as well as for his contribution to the wine sector development of this south American country.
In 2012 Miguel A. Torres received the Order of the Lion of Finland, the highest decoration the Finnish government can grant to a foreigner.
His concern for climate change and ecology has been recognized internationally and also the magazine Time dedicated an extensive article to him in August 2011.
In May 2013 Miguel A. Torres received the Golden Plaque of the Civil Order of the Agricultural, Fishing and Food Merit (Placa de Oro de la Orden Civil del Mérito Agrario, Pesquero y Alimentario), awarded by the Council of Ministers of Spain.
During his long career he has travelled all over the world, visiting more than 50 countries.
He has 3 children, Anna, Mireia and Miguel.

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Marimar Torres

Marimar Torres 1945

At Marimar Estate, she directs the activities at the winery and its Don Miguel Vineyard (named after her late father) in the Sonoma Russian River Valley appellation and Doña Margarita vineyard (named after her late mother) in the Sonoma Coast appellation.

Born in 1945 in Barcelona, Spain, Marimar Torres has been involved in the wine business all her life.

She is fluent in six languages and holds a degree in business and economics from the University of Barcelona. She is also a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program, and studied enology and viticulture for a year at the University of California at Davis. At Marimar Estate, she directs the activities at the winery and its Don Miguel Vineyard (named after her late father) in the Sonoma Russian River Valley appellation and Doña Margarita vineyard (named after her late mother) in the Sonoma Coast appellation.

Prior to her involvement in the Sonoma operation, Marimar traveled extensively promoting Torres wines, first in Spain as the company’s export Director and later in North America, when California became her home in 1975. At that time, shipments of Torres wines to the U.S. totalled 15,000 cases; 10 years later they reached 150,000. To achieve this was not easy; especially in the beginning, Marimar was confronted with the common notion that the wine business was no place for a woman. Eventually, her tenacity and business acumen helped her overcome this bias, and she became the best-known ambassador of Spanish wines in America.

In 1986, Marimar began planting a 56-acre (22.5-hectare) vineyard in a cool microclimate ideally suited to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The original land has been increased to the present 32 hectares (80 acres), of which 12 hectares (30 acres) are planted with Chardonnay and 20 hectares (50 acres) with Pinot Noir. Because of her European heritage, emphasis on the vineyard is a natural concept for Marimar. The wines, made entirely from estate-grown grapes, are truly an expression of their terroir. The first release, a 1989 barrel-fermented Chardonnay, debuted in April, 1991, to great acclaim. In 1992, a 15,000-case winery was built and the estate’s first Pinot Noir was produced, which was released in September 1994.

Marimar's dedication to the family business, however, has not come at the expense of other pursuits. An authority on Spanish cuisine, her first book, The Spanish Table: The Cuisines and Wines of Spain, was published in 1986. Her second book, The Catalan Country Kitchen: Food and Wine from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Seacoast of Barcelona, came out in April, 1992. Marimar lives in Sausalito and Sebastopol with her daughter Cristina. Her interests include skiing, jogging, biking and horse-back riding.

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Mireia Torres Maczassek

Mireia Torres Maczassek 1969

Manager of Familia Torres’s Innovation and Knowledge Department, Manager of Jean Leon and President of the Miguel Torres Foundation

Mireia Torres Maczassek started her professional training at the prestigious Sarrià Chemical Institute in Barcelona, where she graduated in Chemical Engineering, specializing in Analysis, in 1994.

In 1995, she enrolled in the École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Montpellier, where she obtained a degree in oenology and viticulture. During these further studies, she also gained further practical experience in wine production.

Mireia deepened her technical expertise and know-how at the Derypol company, a manufacturer of resins and flocculants, where she worked in Research & Development from 1997 to 1998.

In 1999, she joined the family company to head the analysis laboratory,  carrying out projects related to the study of aromas in wine. The following year, she took charge of the company’s R&D and innovation area, where she celebrated –together with the company’s highly competent team of professionals– great successes, both in terms of international publications as well as in creating new products.

In 2004 she became the company’s Head of Winemaking for 6 years, responsible for the production and management of the main winery in Vilafranca del Penedès, as well as leading the development and implementation of the projects in Ribera del Duero, Priorat, Rioja and Rueda. Also during this time she managed the project for recovering ancestral grape varieties and lead the way to the creation of Natureo, a dealcoholized wine. She also lead the consortium of 26 companies called CENIT DEMETER, in order to improve understanding of the effects of climate change. The consortium resulted in 34 scientific articles, 11 doctoral theses, 25 projects of master and 1 patent.

Mireia Torres Maczassek is currently Manager of Bodegas Torres’s Innovation and Knowledge Department, Manager of Jean Leon and President of the Miguel Torres Foundation. In the Innovation and Knowledge Department she promotes business innovation, corporate ventures and R&D and innovation, including participation in 3 Spanish projects (2 CIEN competitive funding applications and a RETO) and 2 European projects (LIFE and FP7).

She has 2 children.

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Cristina Torres

Cristina Torres 1988

Cristina is the daughter and only child of Marimar Torres, from whom she has inherited her love and appreciation for the vineyards and wines of Marimar Estate, in Sonoma County, California. In early 2020, after gaining several years of experience outside the family business, she joined the company as Director of Sales & Marketing; the Torres family business has been handed down from father to son for 5 generations, but this is the first time that the baton will be passed from mother to daughter.

From a young age, Cristina learned about the wine business from her mother: working alongside her and receiving clients and visitors at the winery, coordinating events for the wine club, planning distribution strategies in collaboration with the sales teams and promoting the Marimar Estate wines both in the United States and abroad.

Cristina graduated from Princeton University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She spent the first two years after finishing her undergraduate studies in the world of fashion and worked as Marketing Coordinator and Sales Advisor for ShopStyle (San Francisco), Georges Rech and Mango (Paris).

In early 2013 Cristina moved to London, where she joined John E. Fells, the U.K. wine importer and distributor. She spent two years there, first working as a member of the London Sales Team and then as Brand Manager for the French brands imported by Fells, which included the likes of Hugel, Guigal and Maison et Domaines Henriot.

In 2015 she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to pursue a full-time MBA at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with a degree in Management in May of 2017 and did a summer exchange program that same year at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Upon her return to Sonoma County and, after working the 2017 harvest in the cellar at DeLoach, Cristina joined the Brand Marketing team at Jackson Family Wines in November of 2017. In January 2020, she joined her mother at Marimar Estate as Director of Sales & Marketing, with a focus on the US market, and direct sales, especially through Club Marimar and the tasting room at the estate.

Cristina achieved the WSET Level 3 certification from the renowned Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is in the process of obtaining the WSET Level 4 Diploma. She is fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

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Miguel Torres Vendrell

Miguel Torres Vendrell 1832-1910

Miguel Torres Vendrell co-founded Bodegas Torres in 1870 on his brother Jaime's return from Cuba.

He was responsible for the vineyards his family had been working since the 18th century in Catalonia. In 1870, upon his brother Jaime's return from Cuba, they founded Bodegas Torres.  

It took many years of hard work for the Torres name to cross the border. Their wines went all the way to Cartagena de Indias, Santiago de Cuba, Veracuz, Bremen, Hamburg and Saint Petersburg.

Calm yet determined, their work was soon recognised upon winning awards for the Torres wine at the Philadelphia Expo (1876), Paris Expo (1878) and Barcelona Expo (1888).

Along with his brother, Miguel experienced an era of great business and adventure - that of Gaudi's modern Barcelona. That atmosphere gave Torres wines the role they deserved in a society that appreciated the art of living.

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Miguel Torres Carbó

Miguel Torres Carbó 1909-1991

He rebuilt the Winery in 1939 and promoted the bottling of wine and its export to new markets.

Degree in Pharmacy.
Degree from the Instituto Químico de Sarrià.
Degree from the Station Agronomique et Oenologique in Bordeaux. In 1934, he married Margarita Riera, who since then actively collaborated in company affairs. President of the Association of Catalan wine exporters for 21 years, re-elected biannually. President of the Asociació Vinícola Catalana. Member of the Spanish Federation for Industry and Foreign Trade (F.E.I.C.E.V.)
Member of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. President of the Alt Penedès delegation of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Silver award from the winemakers of Barcelona. Commander of the Order of Agricultural Merit. Creu de Sant Jordi (Cross of Saint George).

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Juan Mª Torres

Juan Mª Torres 1935

Vice-President of the company and responsible for institutional relations in Spain and export markets

He is the Vice-President of the company and is responsible for institutional relations in Spain and in our export markets. He graduated with a degree in Marketing and Sales from the Barcelona Business Management School (1957) and in Business Management from IESE (1969). His education was completed with various basic oenology and wine production courses at the University of Burgundy. 

In 1958, he founded his own company, Suministros Plásticos para Embalaje, which is dedicated to plastic packaging. Their products are sold in Spain and exported to several European countries. 

He took charge in 1976 of Sociedad Torres Import, S.A. which is dedicated to importing top wine, spirits and delicatessen food brands into Spain. 

He is a member of the Boards of Directors of the European Wine Committee, the Spanish Wine Federation, the Mediterranean Diet Association, the Wine and Nutrition Research Foundation (FIVIN) and Lien de la Vigne. Additionally, he is a member of the National Employment Promotion advisory board. 

He has 3 children.

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Waltraud Maczassek

Waltraud Maczassek 1947

Married to Miguel A. Torres, she worked with her husband when the company first began to expand and enter the export market. She now spends part of her time traveling with her husband, Miguel A. Torres, to meet with our clients around the world.

She personally oversaw wine exports to Germany – her home country – for 25 years.
She is the mother of three children: Miguel and Mireia Torres Maczassek, who are both currently working in the company, and Ana Torres Maczassek, who is a plastic surgeon.
She now spends part of her time traveling with her husband, Miguel A. Torres, to meet with our clients around the world.
Waltraud Maczassek studied fine arts and education in Wiesbaden, Germany. Years later, she studied at the Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts in Barcelona where she completed her Bachelor's Degree. She has shown her work in Barcelona, Wiesbaden, Oslo, Geneva and other cities.
She is a multidisciplinary artist who works in sculpture, photography and engraving, but her greatest passion is painting.
Nature is her main source of inspiration, and its presence is palpable throughout her work.
For Waltraud Maczassek, making art is a process of continuous development. Quite similar, in fact, to the maturing of a wine. One could say that the symbiotic relationship between the creation of her artistic body of work and the world of wine has defined the life of Waltraud Maczassek.
Her work displays Mediterranean influences, but also references her German roots. The expressivity of her interior landscapes as well as her particular use of color has resulted in a highly individual, contemporary body of work. Some of her works can be seen in our company buildings.

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Arnau Torres Roselló

Arnau Torres Roselló 1968

He has been a member of the Torres Wine Tourism and Events team since 1991

Born in 1968, Arnau is the son of Juan M. Torres.

He has 2 siblings, Juan Pablo and Marta, with whom he shares a passion for the world of wine although he was the only one of the three who decided to follow in their father's footsteps dedicating his career to the family business. 

Arnau studied for 5 years at the Agricultural School of Maresme and later specialised in viticulture and oenology at the Mercè Oenology and Viticulture School. He also studied marketing at the Higher School of Marketing in Barcelona at which time he oriented his career towards marketing and communications. 

He has been a member of the Torres Wine Tourism and Events team since 1991.

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Miguel Torres Maczassek

Miguel Torres Maczassek 1974

Since September 2012, he is General Manager of Familia Torres. As Executive President of Miguel Torres Chile from 2009-2012 he set the future strategy of the winery by committing to sustainability, organic winegrowing and high-end wines. While in Chile, he had to manage the crisis resulting from the 2010 earthquake. Following this event, he decided to give the winery a fair trade focus, making it one of the first privately owned wineries to do so.

Born in 1974, Miguel is the son of Miguel Agustín Torres and Waltraud Maczassek. He has 2 sisters: Mireia, who is the Manager of Familia Torres’s Innovation and Knowledge Department and Manager of Jean Leon, and Anna, who is a doctor. As Miguel Agustín's children, they learned about wine and vineyards from him, and their mother passed on her creativity as a painter.

Miguel studied Business and Management at the ESADE University in Barcelona and at the Kennan Flager Business School in North Carolina, USA. He also studied oenology at the Rovira i Virgili University, in Tarragona. He worked at several FMCG multinationals before moving into a field closer to wine, but still quite different: the perfume business.

For almost 3 years, he worked as Brand Manager for Carolina Herrera New York perfumes, a fashion brand belonging to the Antonio Puig Perfumes Company. The company, with headquarters in Barcelona, is also responsible for other internationally prestigious fragrances.

Then he joined the family business as Manager of the Jean Leon winery (part of the Torres Group since 1995) in April 2001. During this time, he invested in improving the quality of the company's wines as well as overseeing the construction of a visitors center dedicated to wine tourism.

In 2004, he accepted the position of Marketing Director of Miguel Torres S.A., responsible for product development, communication and new launchings, including the projects of Ribera del Duero (Celeste), Priorat (Salmos), Rioja (Altos Ibéricos) and Rueda (Verdeo).

At the end of 2009, Miguel Torres Maczassek was appointed Executive President of Miguel Torres Chile. During a period of almost 3 years, he set the future strategy of the winery by committing to sustainability, organic winegrowing and high-end wines. While in Chile, he had to manage the crisis resulting from the 2010 earthquake.  Following this event, he decided to give the winery a fair trade focus, making it one of the first privately owned wineries to do so. He obtained IMO-Fair for Life/Fair Trade certifications for the Santa Digna range and began producing Estelado, the only sparkling rosé made from the País grape. In doing so, he contributed to a renewed appreciation of this variety, which arrived in Chile 500 years ago and has now become a symbol of Chilean winemaking. 

Before returning to Spain, he resumed a project initiated by his father to plant Pinot Noir in the Empedrado Valley. Several years later, this resulted in the wine Escaleras de Empedrado, the first Chilean wine to originate from terraced vineyards rich in slate.

Since September 2012, Miguel Torres Maczassek is General Manager of Familia Torres.

He speaks fluent Catalan, Spanish, English and French and a smattering of Japanese and German. In 2002, Miguel married Sarah Andrews, and they have 3 children: Carolina, Andrea and Miguel Sebastian. He enjoys spending time with his family, walking in the countryside or mountains, reading history books, and drawing, a passion he inherited from his mother.   

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