Torres Brandy, the top brandy choice of bartenders for the third year in a row according to Drinks International

17 January 2022

Torres Brandy holds on to its title as the top brandy choice of bartenders at the world's best bars according to the British magazine Drinks International. For the third year in a row, this Barcelonan spirit made in the Penedès region tops both brandy rankings in the Annual Brands Report 2022: Top Trending Brands and Bestselling Brands.

Based on a survey of 100 bars in 36 countries – which have either won or been nominated for leading awards – Torres Brandy received the most votes in the category, and 31% of respondents named it as their top choice. The magazine attributes these results to the brand's focused strategy, citing examples such as the 2021 launch of its first global cocktail competition – Torres Brandy Zero Challenge – recognizing the most sustainable bars, as well as the innovative crystalline brandy Torres Alta Luz. 

Torres Brandy has featured in the Drinks International annual brands report since 2015. Until 2020, the category included brandies and cognacs, and Torres Brandy placed fifth. In the three most recent reports, brandy and cognac have been divided into two categories, and Torres Brandy leads the category of brandies made outside of the French region.

In terms of piscos, El Gobernador from Juan Torres Master Distillers, made in the Limarí Valley in northern Chile, came in third on the list of Bestselling Brands in the pisco category. A notable achievement considering that it is one of the newest brands on the list, according to the magazine. It is the highest-ranked Chilean pisco and also features among the top trending piscos, coming in sixth on that list.

One hundred bars from around the world participated in the 2022 report by Drinks International, seen as an excellent indicator of consumption trends within the industry. The area with the highest concentration of leading establishments is Europe, making up 40% of the bars in the survey, followed by Asia with 21% and South America with 15%. The participating establishments are either winners or nominees of major international competitions such as The World's 50 Best Bars, Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards, or Top 500 Bars, as well as prestigious regional or national contests.