Torres Brandy, the favorite brandy among the best bars in the world according to Drinks International

21 January 2021

Torres Brandy remains the favorite brandy among the best bars in the world according to the Annual Brands Report 2021 published by the British magazine Drinks International. The brandy from Juan Torres Master Distillers, the spirits division of Familia Torres, tops the lists of Bestselling Brands and Top Trending Brands for the second year in a row. The lists are based on a poll completed by 100 of the world’s best bars.

Torres Brandy first made the list in 2015 and proceeded to rise in the ranks until reaching the fifth spot in the global brandy and cognac category. Last year, this category was divided in two to better focus on the evolution of brandies produced outside of the French region. According to the 2021 report by Drinks International, Torres Brandy is one of the three top brandies among 42% of respondents and the first choice for a third of the establishments. The report concludes that Torres Brandy is not only the number one brandy seller at the world’s most prestigious bars, but also the most requested brand among consumers.

As for El Gobernador, the pisco from Juan Torres Master Distillers has taken the second position on both lists – Bestselling Brands and Top Trending Brands – in its category after rising eight spots in three years. El Gobernador, a Limarí Valley pisco from northern Chile, continues to be the best positioned Chilean pisco in the ranking.

The Annual Brands Report 2021 by Drinks International is seen as an excellent indicator of consumption trends and provides an important benchmark within the industry. The report draws on the answers provided by 100 bars in 33 countries around the world. The participating establishments are either winners or nominees in major international competitions such as The World’s 50 Best Bars, Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards, or Top 500 Bars, as well as countrywide contests.