Presenting Torres Alta Luz, the first-ever crystalline brandy, made in Barcelona

16 July 2021

Torres Brandy presents the first-ever crystalline brandy, made in Barcelona. Torres Alta Luz symbolizes the purity of aged brandy and dazzles with the magic of a new discovery. At Juan Torres Master Distillers, the spirits division of Familia Torres, innovation melds with almost a century-worth of experience in the art of distillation to create a remarkably aromatic and refreshing spirit that is as unique as it is surprising.

Torres Alta Luz is a brandy made the traditional way, using a double distillation process in pot stills and aged in French oak casks. The innovation comes after maturation, when the brandy undergoes a mineral filtration process that preserves its full flavour and character while eliminating the characteristic, oak-imparted colour. The resulting brandy is completely crystalline, beautifully balanced in terms of flavour without losing the qualities of a mature spirit thanks to the experience and perseverance of Master Distiller Matías Llobet and several years of experimentation.

“This is a completely different kind of brandy,” states Matías Llobet, “Not only due to its crystalline appearance, but its aromatic power; we have really managed to preserve the primary aromas and characteristics of the grape, as well as the ageing notes. It is a fresh, wonderfully pleasant brandy.” For this reason, it is best enjoyed chilled or with ice. The brandy is pure yet complex. The nose reveals sweet fruit aromas with herbaceous and citrus notes characteristic of the grape used in making the brandy, which meld harmoniously with an undertow of delicate, intermingling hints of honey and vanilla. On the palate, it is smooth and silky in texture, with slightly sweet fruit flavours, culminating in a clean, aromatic finish.

Torres Alta Luz, sparkling highlights inside and out

The clearness of this crystalline brandy with its sparkling highlights is surprising enough, but its bottle inspires even greater admiration. Sophisticated and stylish, its rhomboid shapes enhance the purity and light that the liquid contained within projects. The exclusive design is the work of Robilant Associati, leading Italian brand and design consultants, and its exceptional silhouette, combined with the black and silver palette of its minimalist label and the tower-inspired closure, convey a sense of exquisite elegance.

With Torres Alta Luz, Torres Brandy establishes itself as an innovation leader in the world of spirits and completes its wide range of products aimed at satisfying the most discerning palates, as well as attracting new consumers eager for something surprising.  From the exclusive Reserva del Mamut and the iconic Jaime I to Torres 10 Double Barrel and the versatile Torres 15, the brandy range now features nine products. They have made Torres Brandy the favourite brandy brand among bartenders around the world according to the Annual Brands Report 2021 published by the magazine Drinks International.