Familia Torres ranks among the world’s best vineyards for the fourth year running

02 November 2022

Familia Torres remains among the world’s 50 best wine tourism destinations according to the World’s Best Vineyards 2022 2022 ranking put together by British publisher William Reed. The Penedès winery has featured in all four editions of the list and has come in at number 34 this year, the fourth-highest Spanish – and only Catalan – winery in the ranking.  

The description for Familia Torres’ entry highlights its more than 150 years of history, as well as its commitment to reducing emissions and co-founding of International Wineries for Climate Action, noting that visiting the winery ‘is an education not only in a rich vinous heritage but also on what the future of winemaking will look like.’ Some of the experiences offered by the winery are also mentioned, such as the exclusive ‘Legacy Wine Experience’ and the ‘Starry Night Experience’, which brings together astronomy, music, and wine, as well as the Mediterranean restaurant El Celleret and wines such as the legendary Mas La Plana and those made using recovered ancestral varieties. 

According to William Reed, this ranking is an opportunity to generate interest among tourists and those seeking genuine and unique travel experiences. This year’s list was drawn up based on 2,000 nominations of wineries from 20 countries on six continents. The nominations were made by a jury comprising 500 wine and tourism experts, spread across different regions, who were asked to name seven wineries with the best experience open to the public, without any predetermined criteria or lists.   

The World’s Best Vineyards 2022 ranking was revealed on 26 October during an event held at Zuccardi Valle de Uco in Mendoza (Argentina), the top-ranking winery from last year’s edition. The aim of the world’s best vineyards list – inspired by the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants and World’s 50 Best Bars lists also put together by William Reed – is to put the focus on wine tourism, showcasing the variety of destinations and encouraging people to discover the uniqueness of wine, its landscapes, and wineries.  

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