14 December 2016

On Friday, October 27th, we revealed our best-kept secret, closely guarded ever since we announced our intention to make a high-quality signature sparkling wine in the Penedès, the region we call home.

The project represented a new challenge for the winery, enormous amounts of work, and an exercise in great responsibility for the team headed by Mireia Torres.

Cuvée Esplendor 2013 by Vardon Kennett

Join us for a brief look at what defines the newest member of our family.


Esplendor by Vardon Kennett originates from the Torres family's own vineyards in the Penedès, at over 500 meters above sea level. The area provides the right vines to create the desired blend, which accentuates the elegance and exquisite acidity of the final cuvée.

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Although rooted in the Penedès, Esplendor looks to the future. Specifically what the future holds for the map of varieties. As temperatures continue to rise due to climate change, winemakers will have to seek out grapes from higher-elevation areas.


Vardon Kennett is a hand-harvested Pinot Noir (55%), Chardonnay (40%) and Xarel.lo (5%) blend. The goal from the very beginning has been to connect with a wide international audience of people who share a love for exceptional food and wine.


The 2013 vintage is unusual for the Penedès, a year marked by above-average rainfall and a dry summer with rather mild temperatures that benefitted the slow, gradual ripening of the grapes. The elevation of the vineyards also contributed to the quality of the base wines: fresh, clean and aromatic Pinot Noir adds body to the blend, whereas Chardonnay and Xarel·lo confer good acidity.


At the winery on the Santa Maria d'Agulladolç estate, the wine underwent three fermentations and aging to become Esplendor by Vardon Kennett.

The cool climate conditions of 2013 resulted in high acidity, which required complete malolactic fermentation, producing a wine of exemplary balance. Another decisive factor was the use of indigenous yeasts during vinification, which added complexity to the overall wine. Partial primary fermentation in the barrel followed by a second fermentation in the bottle (in keeping with the traditional method) completed the process.

The resulting wine then bottle aged on its lees for 30 months during which it developed the prized notes of prolonged aging that characterize the best and most select cuvées.


Vardon Kennett is feminine in its conception. It seeks the same subtlety and elegance as evoked by the fine, beautiful bubbles. High acidity is a defining characteristic of this sparkling wine with a style all its own.

At first, the nose offers notes of citrus and fresh fruit. They give way to confident aromas of lees aging reminiscent of toasted bread, brioche and distinctive notes of pastry.

Fresh and luscious on the palate, it displays enduring elegance. The wine's freshness and acidity marry exquisitely with all manner of gastronomic delights.

[[{"fid":"8366","view_mode":"default","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":[],"attributes":{"height":6098,"width":3050,"class":"media-element file-default"}}]]WHO WAS VARDON KENNETT?

The heir to a long line of maritime traders, Daniel Vardon Kennett was born on the island of Guernsey (English Channel) in 1781. On one of his travels, he visited Barcelona and was smitten by the city, the nearby villages, the wines and culture. Filled with enthusiasm, he set up a business selling and exporting local wines to England and Saint Peter Port (Guernsey).

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Years later, he married the Barcelona-born María Francisca de Ferrer and began a new life amid the vineyards, away from the mad rush of the city.

He died at the age of 54 without leaving any heirs. He was laid to rest in the Romanesque chapel at Santa Margarida d'Agulladolç where his wife's last words to him are inscribed on his tombstone.

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