A New Star Is Born at Pago de Cielo


Another star is here to brighten our summer nights: Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda). This radiant newcomer bears the signature of winemaker Juan Ramón García. The wine originates from vineyards planted on the left bank of the Duero River, sheltered by the same star-filled sky as our winery: Pago del Cielo.


Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda)

Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda)


The Celeste project began in Ribera del Duero, but has since reached beyond its original appellation to establish a presence in Rueda. In this region, the Verdejo parcels – some with north-facing rows – grow close to the river in gravelly soils composed of clay gravel and rounded pebbles characteristic of the riverbed. All of these factors accentuate the expressivity of the Verdejo grapes, which display more intense aromas here. This is why Juan Ramón García decided to defer to the varietal expression in making the wine as a way of enhancing its complexity.



“The resulting wine is aromatically very intense: on the one hand, we find elegant herbaceous notes of fennel and anise, and on the other, interesting citrusy lemon and pineapple notes. The wine is crisp and unfolds pleasantly across the palate, revealing sweet mango and peach notes.”

Juan Ramón García.


Juan Ramón García, enólogo de Pago del Cielo

Juan Ramón García, winemaker at Pago del Cielo



Cultivated in Rueda, Toro, the Canary Islands, and Portugal – where it enjoys great renown under the name Verdelho – Verdejo is the flagship grape of DO Rueda, where it has been used in winemaking since the 11th century. During that time, a demographic explosion in the Duero river valley brought Cantabrians, Vascones, and Mozarabs to the region. The latter were most likely the ones who introduced the variety to the peninsula.


Verdejo wines generally display high aromatic intensity, body, and good acidity. They tend to be lush with a noticeable presence of glycerol and that distinctive herbaceous nuance which gives the wine a characteristic hint of bitterness that expands its expressive range.



Uva verdejo, en su hábitat D.O. Rueda

Verdejo grapes in their DO Rueda habitat




Seductive shades of pale lustrous yellow, reminiscent of bright, limpid gold, greet the eye.  Brilliant. Aromas readily rush the nose. Intense and heady, bursting with varietal notes of fennel, green almond, and citrus layered over aromatic white floral undertones.  Lively on palate entry, firm yet silky; pleasant and sensuous (mango and peach), with a lasting trace of elegant acidity that prolongs the lengthy finish.


Celeste Verdejo 2019 is an undeniable summer wine with its herbaceous freshness and food-friendly versatility. It makes for an excellent aperitif and goes beautifully with all sorts of fresh greens – try it with a salad! – as well as finding a great match in fish and seafood. In addition, it has the V-Label certification, suitable for vegans, so no element from an animal source has been used in its production.




The best wines reveal their secrets; they open up their soul and tell us where they come from, offering a true reflection of what makes their place of origin so unique.



Una gama completa, centrada en la excelencia que atesora la frescura, la emoción y la intensidad de una noche estrellada.

A complete range that seeks the extraordinary, inspired in the freshness, excitement, and intensity of a starry night.


Driven by a constant search for excellence and the tireless desire to make wines that showcase the essence of each region, Celeste expands beyond its original winery in Fompedraza (DO Ribera del Duero) to a new location in Villafranca del Duero. This singular space in DO Rueda, home of the Verdejo variety, brings us the first white in a collection of wines that is rooted in the earth and reaches for the stars. 


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