Bodegas Torres recognizes suppliers for greatest reduction in CO2 emissions

News / 2017 · 02 · 22

The 1st Torres & Earth Awards go to the glass manufacturer Vidrala, the logistics company JF Hillebrand, and the Canela winegrowers

Bodegas Torres honors three of its suppliers that have made the greatest efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing their carbon emissions. At a ceremony held in Barcelona on the 23rd of February Miguel A. Torres, President of the family-owned winery and initiator of the Torres & Earth environmental program, presented awards to the glass bottle manufacturer Vidrala, the logistics company JF Hillebrand, and the Canela family of winegrowers.

Miguel A. Torres acknowledged the real environmental commitment these companies have shown, mainly through initiatives and measures to promote energy efficiency in their operations, which have significantly reduced their emissions. Given how supplier-generated emissions account for over 80% of Torres's carbon footprint, this reduction also has a positive impact on the winery's own carbon balance, which covers the entire production process of a wine bottle, from the vineyard through final transport.

A year and a half ago, we asked our suppliers to get more involved in the fight against climate change and to help us reduce our carbon footprint. We developed ways of working together to promote plans for emission reductions and carbon footprint appraisals,” Miguel A. Torres explained.  He goes on to say: “Today we wanted to recognize these companies for their efforts to mitigate global warming. I'm happy to see that we're making progress, albeit slowly, and I encourage them to keep up their environmental commitment, because combating climate change is a fight we all share.

CO2 emissions reduced by up to 26%

Vidrala, a glass manufacturer based in Llodio (Álava) and Bodegas Torres's traditional supplier, received the Torres & Earth Award for Best Glass Supplier. The award recognizes the company’s production of lighter bottles and the efficiency of its manufacturing operations. By closely collaborating with Torres, the company developed environmentally-friendlier bottles. Due to their lower weight (up to 130 grams lighter), the bottles require less energy to produce and transport, bringing about a 26% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2016 versus 2008. Vidrala has also reduced emissions at its Llodio (Álava) plant by 14% by improving the efficiency of its manufacturing operations. The company has implemented an energy management system in its fusion furnaces and introduced new designs for more efficient furnaces, as well as a higher percentage of recycled glass.

JF Hillebrand Spain, the Spanish division of the international service provider specialized in the logistics of beer, wine and spirits, received the Torres & Earth Award for Best Transportation Supplier for implementing global measures to reduce carbon emissions. These measures are part of a comprehensive environmental program, which was introduced more than 10 years ago. It includes the design of an innovative protective aluminum insulation system (VinLiner) that reduces carbon emissions by 25% compared to a traditional refrigeration system; the transport of goods by sea or train rather than trucks; the use of pallets wide to increase the number of boxes per container; and even incentivizes drivers to consume less fuel.

Finally, the Canela family of winegrowers received the Torres & Earth Award for Best Grape Supplier for reducing their per-hectare carbon emissions by 9% thanks to energy-saving measures. These include the use of a more efficient tractor; adjustments in fertilization regimes; reduction in the number of phytosanitary treatments and tilling frequency; use of slow-release fertilizers, and grape transport optimization. 

This is the first edition of the Torres & Earth Awards for suppliers. The goal is to recognize the efforts companies make to mitigate climate change. Representatives of the three award-winning companies attended the ceremony. Vidrala was represented by Ricardo Gallego, domestic sales director, and Maria José Pujol, domestic sales manager. Representing JF Hillebrand Spain were Carolina Hours, country manager, and Sandy Viscogliosi, sales manager; and representing Canela were Josep and Oriol Canela.

Over 12 million invested in a decade

Bodegas Torres reduced its carbon emissions per bottle by 13% between 2008 and 2015, according to the most recent company appraisal certified by Lloyd's. In 2016, the balance comes to 15.6% (appraisal for this figure is pending) largely due to the reduction in wine and brandy bottle weight and the standardization of how suppliers calculate their carbon footprint, using the year 2008 as a reference point. Every year Bodegas Torres invests 11% of its profits into projects focused on the environment and climate change. As of this year, the company has invested a total of over 12 million euros since the Torres & Earth program began.

Torres's most significant actions in 2016 included the expansion of its photovoltaic array at the Pacs del Penedès winery to a total of 18,000 m2; the installation of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles at the main winery and head office; the reforestation of 30 hectares in Catalonia, and experimental projects to find alternative uses for the CO2 released during wine fermentation. Plans for 2017 include, among other things, the installation of solar panels at the company's wineries in Ribera del Duero and Rueda and an innovative solar cooling system at its headquarters in Vilafranca del Penedès.