Deep Roots, New Opportunities

It is time to (re)think our leisure activities and approach them from a more conscientious, closely connected, and local perspective.


We took the opportunity to carve out a space in which to reflect and learn how to dream on a smaller scale and localize our ambitions. We've grown more aware and appreciative of everything that our surroundings have to offer. We're discovering surprising places hidden in plain sight, and we're rediscovering the excitement, the dreams and desires, buried in what we took for granted.


Experiencia Origen en el corazón de nuestra finca Mas La Plana (Pacs del Penedès)Origin Experience amid our Mas La Plana (Pacs del Penedès) vineyards


At this moment, wine tourism is about more than wines and wineries – it is playing a decisive role in paving the way for improvisation, for satisfying the need to live life to the full.


Local and regional tourism are receiving the attention they deserve. Nothing brings local commerce, cuisine, and culture together quite like wine tourism. It is a way of enjoying our own treasures. It is a way of reconnecting with bonds that grow out of the land and are revealed in the glass. On the palate, it is an immediately recognizable geographical pairing that articulates our identity.


Celebrando el espíritu Mediterráneo, en El Celleret armonizamos nuestros vinos dibujando así los paisajes del Penedés en la mesa.

El Celleret celebrates the Mediterranean spirit with wine and food pairings that bring the landscapes of Penedès to life.


Understanding who we are helps us grow, much like understanding nature instills in us a sense of responsibility towards our environment and others. A common goal, an urgent need that calls out to all of us – such as protecting our planet – can unite us and our dreams.


Concealed within the concept of wine tourism is a compendium of wisdom (and flavors) that goes beyond land and soil. Its multifaceted reach extends to wine and art, gastronomy and tradition, our social manners and customs; it envisions new horizons dotted with vineyards that seem suspended in the blue Mediterranean sky.


Serenity and excitement. Palpable sensations. Curiosity and thirst, sated. The earth below our feet, the caress of a breeze. Sun kissed. Experience and knowledge. Discovery and amazement. Wine tourism.

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