Styles that transcend the seasons

Certain white wines are simply seasonless, either because of their personality, provenance, or winemaking characteristics. These wines seek a connection with our senses, not a specific time of year.


They are warm and full on the palate, with complex aromatic identities and a firm body. Wines of proven quality whose versatility is apparent in the glass and in their gastronomical combinations. They are made from varieties that benefit from the partial or full embrace of oak aging or time spent on their lees. This is nuanced winemaking at its finest. 



Milmanda 2016 (DO Conca de Barberà)

Milmanda might be the epitome of a seasonless white of superior quality.


Vineyards have formed part of the fortified farm and estate of Milmanda  since the 12th century. These old walls, crowned by a charming tower, contemplate the passage of time, and nestled below is a garden of old Chardonnay vines that produce Milmanda, the wine.


Fermented and aged in new French oak, with only a small percentage undergoing malolactic fermentation, Milmanda is elegant and complex with an emphasis on varietal expression. The seductive tertiary notes are complementary, oscillating between smoke and coffee, hazelnut and honey, peach and honeysuckle...endowing the wine with an elegant personality.



Años de pacientes investigaciones han dado como resultado el Milmanda, una compleja y armoniosa combinación de aromas, un vino elegante, noble y de gran linaje.

Milmanda represents years of persistent research, a complex and harmonious combination of aromas; an elegant, noble wine of great lineage.



Fransola 2018 (DO Penedès)

Amid the high vineyards of Penedès, we find the Fransola estate, a green grapevine mirror held up to the sky. Arranged in a garden style, these 25 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc produce one of the most personal and elegant white varietal wines: Fransola.


Fermented in new American oak and then aged for four months, this is a wine of seductive aromatic expression with an extraordinary palate.


A brilliant, clean, radiant shade of gold. Notes of fruit (passion fruit, quince) emerge on the nose with delicate undertones of dried fruit that bring back mature, aging-imparted nuances of toast. Intense and silky on the palate, revealing aristocratic elegance but also the austere power of the land.



La uva Sauvignon Blanc es la base de este vino blanco único en parte fermentado y criado en barricas de roble nuevo americano.

Sauvignon Blanc forms the basis for this unique white wine, partially fermented and aged in new American oak barrels.



Camino de Magarín 2016 (DO Rueda)

The old Verdejo vines of the Magarín vineyard grow in pebbly soils on the southern banks of the Duero River, at the end of a path that meanders down the hillside.


Camino de Magarín is a varietal made from old Verdejo vines, with four months on lees, and a small percentage aged in French oak.


Clean pale gold in color. Intense fruit (apple) with fine herbaceous and mature (green coffee) notes. The palate is firm, big, powerful.



Camino de Magarín es el vino insignia de Bodega Magarín, propiedad de Familia Torres en Rueda cuyo nombre hace referencia al sendero que asciende desde el río Duero hasta la bodega.

Camino de Magarín is a Verdejo with four months of lees aging, made from vines growing in clay gravel and pebble-rich soils. 



Waltraud 2016 (DO Penedès)

Made from the finest Riesling harvests in Penedès, this sweet rarity will surprise anyone who tries it for the first time.


Waltraud is a vinous tribute to Waltraud Maczasseck, wife and mother. When grown in Penedès, this German variety (Riesling) results in an intensely aromatic wine with a subtle and elegant body that is surprising on the palate.


Radiant and golden in appearance. It is intense and delicate with fine floral (lemon balm) and fruit (lemon rind) nuances and subtle honeyed undertones.  Elegant, firm yet silky in texture, with a luscious finish reminiscent of spice bread.




Waltraud, elaborado con la variedad alemana Riesling, resulta ideal con ostras y mariscos. Insuperable acompañando pescado, arroces, pastas con salsa marinera, pato con salsa dulce, etc.

Waltraud is a Riesling, a German variety that pairs perfectly with oysters and shellfish. The ideal match for fish, rice dishes, pasta with marinière sauce, duck in sweet sauce, and more.



In the end, the personality and identity of a wine travels across time, not bound to one season or another. The place of origin, variety, knowledge, and winemaking process comprise what we've all agreed to call culture – the culture of vine and wine.

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