The True Essence of a Variety With a Thousand Names

The Tempranillo variety might be known by many names, but at heart it always contains the same essence: versatility, understated fruit, welcoming of oak aging, malleable through vinification practices.


Let's begin with a brief history of the variety. Research into its genetic makeup traces its origins to the Ebro River Valley, where the varieties Albillo Mayor and Benedicto cross-bred to produce this variety a thousand years ago.


Following the trail of its many names reveals how widespread the cultivation of Tempranillo is in Spain: Tempranillo (Rioja), Tinto Fino (Ribera del Duero), Cencibel (La Mancha), Tinta de Toro (Toro), Ull de Llebre (Catalonia), Escobera (Extremadura), etc.  


In every corner and every parcel, the viticultural practices and different vinification techniques offer a multitude of profiles, which are all rooted in certain shared attributes: aromatic, versatile, fruity wines with a pleasant amount of alcohol and firm yet delicate tannins. Warm climates bring out echoes of black forest fruit and plum. In milder climates, black fruit gives way to red fruit and a ruby-colored wine.



Racimo de uva tempranillo de la Rioja Alavesa, propiedad de Familia Torres

Cluster of Tempranillo grapes in Rioja Alavesa, a Familia Torres property


The name Tempranillo (“early one”) refers to the variety's short ripening period. It has large, compact clusters. The berries – small and symmetrically round – are covered in thick skin and transcend mere earthly beauty.


Tempranillo varietal wines tend to be aromatic and cheerful. The grape does benefit from blending with other varieties like Cariñena, Cabernet, Garnacha, or Syrah, which raise the aging potential of the wine exponentially.


With Vinyarets Tinto (DO Penedès), Familia Torres extends an invitation to discover the vineyards in the heart of Penedès. The wine is a blend of Garnacha, Sumoll, and Tempranillo.



Vinyarets Tinto (DO Penedès), un tinto elegante y de carácter.

Vinyarets Tinto (DO Penedès), an elegant, character-driven red.



There are, of course, exceptional varietal wines, resulting from assiduous work in the vineyard and winery. These exceptions continuously win the affection of palates everywhere. They come from select parcels in enclaves with the right kind of climate and orography, little spots somewhere between heaven and earth. 


Las Pisadas, made at the La Carbonera winery, is Familia Torres's winemaking project in DOC Rioja. This 100% Tempranillo originates from the traditional vineyards of the municipality of Labastida (Rioja Alavesa). The wine is the result of a meticulous process of selecting the most suitable parcels, characterizing the various types of wine, and searching for typicity.



Las Pisadas (DOC Rioja) parte de la intensidad y la carga de fruta de la tempranillo para tocar el cielo.

Las Pisadas (DOC Rioja) parte de la intensidad y la carga de fruta de la tempranillo para tocar el cielo.



Celeste Reserva (DO Ribera del Duero), made at the Pago del Cielo winery, is an elegant wine that reflects the extraordinary nature of its place of origin. The story of its provenance begins with a careful selection of vineyards situated at the highest altitudes of this Castilian wine region, at 900 meters in the Campo de Peñafiel area, near the town of Fompedraza (Valladolid) where the winery is located.



Celeste Reserva (DO Ribera del Duero), es un vino opulento con mucha fruta, cuerpo y color.

Celeste Reserva (DO Ribera del Duero) is an opulent, full-bodied wine, laden with fruit and deep in color.



These legendary, internationally recognized wines have chosen Tempranillo as the backbone for great wines and new aspirations. A spirited declaration of intent.

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