The new wine from Familia Torres

Secret del Priorat is the latest wine from Familia Torres, a tribute to the distinctive and incomparable landscape of the Priorat region. The newest member of Familia Torres is a DOQ Priorat wine that captures the nature and earthly essence of its place of origin. 



Secret del Priorat is the new Familia Torres wine from Priorat  


Despite its small size, the DOQ Priorat is home to richly varied and often mountainous terrain with a mosaic of microclimates that allows for select parcels and small vineyards. These are both the cradle and guardians of the unique identity of Priorat wines. 



Almond trees in bloom edge the old vineyard parcels


It is a world of reddish hillsides and Mediterranean woods and scrubland fragrant with rosemary and thyme. On steep ledges and terraces, amid unpredictable rock formations, the vines thrive at the edge of the precipice, engaged in an age-old balancing act with nothing to hold them but the grip of hard llicorella schist.  


These conditions demand the kind of valiant viticulture whose marks can be read in the creased and seasoned hands of the men and women who cultivate a secret shared with the world, the pride of a land dedicated to wine.



An old vine in Priorat, born from llicorella schist 


Secret del Priorat, the wine, owes its organoleptic structure to a varietal blend (Garnacha, Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah) and ripe, lively, expressive red fruit. Twelve months of ageing in French oak complement its profile, allowing the wine to truly come into its own. The subtlety of Secret del Priorat reaches its full expression as it unfolds pleasantly, persistently, across the palate. 

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