Behind the Wine (I): The Winegrower

Episode 1. The Winegrower: Antonio Bonet

Antonio Bonet, love for the land.

We arranged to meet up with Antonio on a freezing January day at the historic Milmanda Estate where he works and where he used to run around as a kid. We reached the place a few hours earlier than agreed to prepare the equipment, define the locations and to explain to him in detail how everything was going to work... We were thinking, "he’s the kind of guy who’s not used to soirees of this kind and we might need to make him feel comfortable and above all, calm so conversation flows naturally”. Our intention was simple...




Well, while we placed the microphone on his jacket lapel, Antonio showed to us that his "flow" and "naturalness" came as standard equipment:

- "Antonio, are you comfortable with this? When you want to stop just let us know, first of all we want you to feel good ...”

- "Well, I’ll talk about what I know, what my trade is and not much more, as it’s my life and I’d never change it for anything, why shouldn’t I be comfortable? [Smiling]

Then, our initial concern just disappeared. But it wasn’t just because of his words ... the sparkle in his eyes and his body language -settled in his chair and drawing a half smile that never left his face for the entire recording-, made it perfectly clear to us that he was ready. Were we? That was the question...

Antonio is a modest guy, noble and passionate, whose heart belongs to the land he works, to his trade, and of course, to his family. But Antonio, above all, is a happy man. He understands his relationship with nature and his day to day, as a gift.

So, Antonio, who as well as being grateful is generous, gifted us with a day of his valuable time, he opened the doors of his house and his soul and taught us that life, after all, was just that, a gift. What more can you ask for?



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Martyn Wilson Wilson
It's very unusual to find someone so happy and passionate about their work. It is the hapiness and passion of people like Antonio that ensures such great wine.

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