Sauvignon Blanc

A Vibrantly Fresh Variety

When it comes to personality, few white varieties in the winegrowing panorama can hold a candle to Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh, lively, and wild, the grape shines as a varietal wine at wineries and on tables around the world.



Sauvignon Blanc does beautifully on its own, with no need for a blend, inviting us to discover its lovely, complete organoleptic profile: deeply rooted in the earth, with herbaceous notes and a wild kind of freshness.



Racimos de la variedad sauvignon blanc, en el viñedo de Familia Torres

Clusters of Sauvignon Blanc at a Familia Torres vineyard



In terms of etymology, its name derives from the French sauvage (wild) and vignon (vine). And the name still fits, seeing how its wild, herbaceous notes remain its signature. This is something it has in common with another variety: Cabernet Sauvignon.


The variety offers us an array of different wines, from young, dry, fresh wines – wonderfully fragrant and pleasant – to the majestic spirituous wines of Sauternes. Sauvignon Blanc is a curious world traveller, which means it has found a home in many countries, soil types, and climates: from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Moldova, and Serbia to Chile, the US, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.


Depending on the climate, the grape reveals different characteristics. Cold climates bring out notes reminiscent of freshly cut grass, emphasizing its most herbaceous, citrus, aniseed profile. These are light wines with high acidity, delicate and elegant. The echoes of stone fruit and passion fruit imparted by warmer climates are equally delightful. These highly fragrant wines are an invitation to lose ourselves in a sea of sensations.


As far as Sauvignon Blanc and Familia Torres are concerned, Fransola is undoubtedly one of our favourite incarnations. The variety feels at home in Penedès. Although it rarely spends time in wood, Sauvignon Blanc responds well to barrel fermentation in new American oak followed by four months of ageing. 



Fransola, maridado con arroz cremoso con verduras y setas, en la terraza del restaurante Jardín Restaurante El Celleret, propiedad de Familia Torres

Fransola paired with a creamy veggie and mushroom rice at the terrace of the El Celleret Garden Restaurant, a Familia Torres property



The resulting wine is elegant, blessed with a beautiful gold colour – brilliant, clean, radiant. Seductive in its aromatic expression, with fruit notes (passion fruit, quince) and a delicate nuance of dried fruit reflecting the light toast of the oak. Intense and silky on the palate, it has an austere power rooted in a sense of place.


A free spirit but friendly in manner, Sauvignon Blanc always maintains its characteristics no matter the winemaking method. It strikes the perfect balance between personality and quality, delighting hearts and palates everywhere.

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