The variety consolidates its expression and natural uniqueness.

Querol is more than a variety rescued from oblivion. For the Torres Family, it represents the tangible reality of its efforts to bring back ancestral varieties—a reality that encourages the family to continue  reviving varieties that have a lot to offer.


Our distinguished protagonist has gone from a promise in the winery's ancestral variety project to a true revelation.


We are witnessing the consolidation of a variety with sublime enological potential, which has been included in the prestigious Grans Muralles blend (D.O. Conca de Barberà) for the past two vintages.


QUEROL: Expressivity and Uniqueness

What sets the variety's physiological profile apart is its sex—Querol is exceptional in that it is exclusively female.  


Unlike most vinifera vines, its flowers are not hermaphroditic. This is reflected in its smaller berry size and complex organoleptic profile.

Racimo de la variedad tinta querol

Cluster of red Querol grapes


Querol produces wines that are strikingly intense and fruit-forward in their youth.  As they mature over time, the fruit takes on a confected character, joined by very particular, exquisite notes of bay leaf.



The wines are big and concentrated, and the variety’s natural acidity carries the long, drawn-out midpalate, adding freshness and enhancing the overall expression. Querol is a natural fit for Grans Muralles and joined the blend in the 2009 and 2010 vintages. It is a varietal embrace and understanding based on freshness, length, and excellent acidity, which adds to the wine's cellaring potential.



QUEROL: Discovery

Bodegas Torres's technical team found the variety in 1998 in Querol, about 40 km northeast of Vilafranca (in the Penedès appellation of origin).



Hoja de la variedad tinta querol

Vine shoot, General view of the vine, leaf surface, leaf underside


QUEROL: Vineyard facts

  • Budbreak: late March
  • Grape Maturation: late September
  • Growth Habit: Upright
  • Size of Vineyard: 1.74 ha


QUEROL: You'll fall in love with Querol if...

  • You like Mediterranean reds.
  • You know that the Conca de Barberà appellation is about more than just great whites.
  • You love reds with excellent acidity.


When years of hard work by an entire team find vivid expression in a wine and in our lives, that calls for a toast. Cheers!

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