We know how to keep warm in the winter: a comfy sofa and blanket; quilts and duvets; fireplaces and central heating. But sometimes, amid our everyday routine, we forget or put off a most delightful way to warm the soul: a glass of wine.



Dos copas de vino tinto delante del fuego. Una escena perfecta para un día de temperaturas invernales.

Two glasses of red wine by an open fire. The perfect scene for a cold winter day.



When we gather around the warmth of a fire, we want wines that have a story to tell. The embrace of a red wine, from skin contact to palate caress. Its varietal identity, an expression of home, like a whisper in our ear; the weight of the wine in the mouth, its aromatic complexity. 





Few wines can match Salmos –[named best DOQ Priorat wine at the most recent Vinari Awards] – in embodying a sense of exuberant fullness and warmth. Growing on slate hillsides, these Garnacha, Cariñena, and Syrah vines represent the continuation of the region's vinicultural tradition; an ancient blend of Carthusian monastic heritage and working the land for centuries. 


Salmos expresses its history and sense of place, winning us over with the intensity and complexity of its aromas, the depth and concentration of its color. Firm, lively, and flavorful on the palate, with elegant, velvety tannins. Persistent and round.




Salmos (DOQ Priorat) es un vino tinto elaborado con las variedades garnacha, cariñena y syrah.

Salmos (DOQ Priorat) is a red wine made from the varieties Garnacha, Cariñena, and Syrah





The history of Purgatori (DO Costers del Segre) begins with banishment and culminates in a wine that has garnered countless distinctions despite being relatively new.  Beginning in 1770, the monks of the abbey of Montserrat came to the Purgatori estate to carry out their penance, working the land to supply the diocese with food and still its thirst.


Purgatori has an incredibly deep, hypnotizing cherry red color. The nose reveals intense floral and fruit notes (violets and cassis) enveloped in a halo of Mediterranean scrubland reminiscent of thyme. Oak makes a smoky, seductive appearance with notes of spices (cocoa), resulting in great complexity and elegant bearing. 


The palate is fleshy and full of temptation; intensity and volume. Yet another union of Garnacha, Cariñena, and Syrah to fill our lives with pleasure and celebration.



Purgatori (DO Costers del Segre) es un vino tinto elaborado con las variedades garnacha, cariñena y syrah.

Purgatori (DO Costers del Segre) is a red wine made from the varieties Garnacha, Cariñena, and Syrah.


Celeste Reserva

There is a varietal garden of paradise, caught between the sky and the earth, rooted in the soil to gaze at the stars. It is called Ribera del Duero. Here, at an elevation of almost 900 meters, Tinto Fino vines give birth to Celeste Reserva.


Fifteen months in oak, twenty-one in the bottle. The long slumber of Celeste Reserva translates into a leisurely interlude for our senses. 


The wine is intensely fruit-laden and mature (blackberry jam) with sensual plum notes and an elegant hint of toasted oak. The palate is velvety, firm, fleshy, and displays astonishing length. 



Celeste Reserva (DO Ribera del Duero) es un vino tinto mono varietal. La variedad con la que se elabora esté vino es tinto fino (tempranillo).

Celeste Reserva (DO Ribera del Duero) is a red varietal wine made from the Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) variety. 




Las Pisadas

Las Pisadas 2015 celebrates the distant past of the Rioja Alavesa region and its viticultural practices. It exemplifies, in enological terms, the parallel and symbiotic evolution of society and wine. 


The ancient inhabitants of La Rioja carved stone presses, known as lagares, into the rocky mountain slopes to press the grapes they harvested from wild vineyards. In doing so, they left an indelible mark on the landscape which is now home to the Familia Torres winery.


Las Pisadas is an irresistible encounter between old and new. A wine of remarkable fruit intensity – jammy raspberry in form and content, with ripe sensuous undertones of spices (clove) – that gives way to a flavorful, warm, delightful palate.  



  Las Pisadas (DO Rioja) es un vino tinto mono varietal. La variedad con la que se elabora esté vino es tempranillo.

Las Pisadas (DO Rioja) is a red varietal wine made from the Tempranillo variety


The best way to the soul is through the palate, which is why these wines promise warmth and flavor, a sense of wellbeing that nourishes the spirit, pleasure and delight.


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