Owner of the Izkiña restaurant in Pasaia, Basque Country

By having direct personal contact with the great people who believe in Familia Torres and our wines, we can provide solutions tailored to every type of food and dining occasion. Exceptional wines for exceptional dishes.



Our wines add color to the culinary landscape around us, but most importantly, they give us the opportunity to meet and spend time with people like Aitor Olano. He is the proud owner of Izkiña, a restaurant that serves seafood with soul, inspired by the slow-cooked culinary heritage of northern Spain.



“My father, Casiano Olano, opened Izkiña in 1967. Soon after, my mother, M. Carmen Otegui, took over in the kitchen. Ikziña quickly became known as a great place for seafood.”



Main dining room, Izkiña restaurant (Pasaia, Basque Country)


Izkiña has undergone several renovations, but it has always maintained its reputation for great fish and seafood. Aitor inherited this enormous responsibility in 1996, and he understands the essential role of wine in inspiring and enlivening his cuisine.


Aitor knows his wine cellar well. It provides the backbone for a long wine list that offers a wide range of organoleptic possibilities for palates that are just as diverse. Fine white and sparkling wines are the big stars at Izkiña, although a few select reds also make the list.


Private dining room, Izkiña restaurant (Pasaia, Basque Country)




“We have always had Familia Torres wines and brandies at the restaurant. My guests are particularly fond of Waltraud and Vardon Kennett, a sparkling wine, but also enjoy Mas La Plana with our meat dishes.”


In addition to maintaining the good family name and Izkiña's reputation, Aitor praises our principles of never resting on our laurels and always striving for excellence. Thank you, Aitor, for believing in us. Here's to many more years at Izkiña!

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