A Reflection of Penedès

Centuries of winegrowing coexist with the chance to learn, day after day. The vineyards in the heart of Penedès are a place to discover a wealth of deeply rooted varieties, flourishing in diverse soils and microclimates. Penedès is a wine region whose legacy spans millennia—and we call it home.


Vinyarets is made from varieties with deep roots in the region, including some lesser-known grapes, to underscore their valuable place in our winemaking heritage and history. This is a wine to share with family and friends, an enjoyable wine that celebrates our Penedès.”

Miguel Torres Maczassek


Sumoll grapes, part of the Vinyarets 2018 (Familia Torres) blend



Vinyarets begins with a selection of vineyards located in different subzones within the appellation of origin (various ages, elevations, microclimates, and soil types), cultivated in serene old ways that respect the nature around them. Vinyarets 2018 brings together a varietal trio—Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Sumoll—to capture the aromas and winemaking history of Penedès in a bottle.  



Sumoll fell out of favor for a while, until only a few hectares remained, but today’s young winegrowers are bringing about its resurgence. The variety’s life cycle has a somewhat anarchic streak which requires attention; in organoleptic terms and color, it bears a certain resemblance to Italy’s Nebbiolo.



Vinyarets: Tasting Note



  • To the eye, Vinyarets presents a bright, brilliant ruby-colored hue with medium intensity, so that the light filters through the curves of the glass to reveal subtle yet captivating ruby highlights.  


  • A delicate and fragrant nose with lovely fruit. Youthful red cherries come to rest on a bed of herbaceous hints reminiscent of Mediterranean scrubland.


  • Fresh and nervy as it unfolds across the palate. Partially oak aged for 10 months and anything but unctuous, with a surprising combination of seductively fine tannins and potent character, revealing a lovely finish evocative of its place of origin.


  • When paired with food, Vinyarets is a highly versatile companion that goes wonderfully with all kinds of appetizers and main courses, especially charcuterie, tuna, carpaccio, tapas, marinated delicacies, pasta, and risotto.


Crispy marinated Ibérico pork with apple purée and truffle shavings. A wine and food pairing by El Celleret Garden Restaurant (Pacs del Penedès).




In early 2020, the collection will welcome a new addition: a white Xarel·lo varietal—the most widely grown grape in Penedès.




A reflection of Penedès, Vinyarets retraces the steps of the past to reveal the essence of a unique approach to the vineyard and life. Old and new, united as one. 

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