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Wine’s essential role in cultural development is well known, and so is its power in bringing people together. This is expressed in a series of experiences where wine is the starting point for actively engaging with culture and nature. A holistic vision of wine's social dimension that is worth noting:




Exceptional Moments

Wine beyond wine. Unique events ​that celebrate culture, nature, and an astute appreciation of pleasure. In other words, life.




The Wine Road celebrates the Fiesta de la Floración


The vineyard becomes a garden, with dusk as its witness. We toast the warm weather with the finest wines from the thirteen wineries that comprise the country's first wine road, the Carretera del Vi.


The Fiesta de la Floración celebrates the flowering season and marks the perfect occasion to open up our winery, and its new spaces, with nature-inspired activities, like a winery tour or exploring the surroundings on a Segway. The creative cuisine of the Mas Rabell team, live music or relaxing in the chill out area provide the perfect ending to a bucolic day in white where summer beckons.  Get all the details here.


Celebrating the 2018 edition of the Fiesta de la Floración



Starlit Night


This marriage of wine and stars has become a summer night classic.

It is a celebration of the elements, where astronomy, live music, and good food come together in an idyllic setting. Guests can get lost in the skies above Penedès, while feeling connected to the Earth, their senses wide awake. Click herefor more information and reservations.



Stargazing with a telescope at the 2018 edition of Starlit Night




5 activities at the Pacs del Penedès winery

Discover the winemaking heritage of our most iconic winery. Its rich history, living legacy, and innovative winemaking turn every visit into an event, and every tasting into an unforgettable experience.  




Wine and cheese pairing

Much has been written about wine and cheese pairing, but now is the time to experience it. Four wines, four cheeses. Brie-style, medium-aged, aged and blue cheeses seek their perfect match in similarity and contrast pairings with wines from our winery. Discover the winemaking heritage of Familia Torres with an experience built on two cornerstones of Mediterranean gastronomy. Pleasure guaranteed.



Cheese assortment provided during the activity




Wine and Ibérico ham pairing

The natural beauty around the Pacs del Penedès winery stirs the soul and stimulates the senses. Even the boldest palates will surrender to this combination of incomparable flavors, where four kinds of Ibérico ham meet four wines from different regions. Complete your winery visit with this treat for the senses.


Ibérico ham assortment provided during the activity




Torres Selection Wine Tasting

A journey through different appellations of origin. Five wines chosen by our sommeliers comprise this select tasting, which explores some of the different regions and appellations of origin that make up the Familia Torres wine world. Bottled essence.


Familia Torres Selection Wine Tasting




Winery Tour


This activity invites you to explore our origins, our home. A well-tended garden of varieties nestled between the mountains and the sea, between the Mediterranean and the smooth, rounded peaks of Montserrat. Get a firsthand look at how we make our wines on this complete tour, which includes a visit to Mas La Plana, a window into this small universe we call home.



Mas La Plana (DO Penedès), a Familia Torres property, with Montserrat in the background




Pick a place and go! Remember, our doors are always open.

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