It is harvest time. Familia Torres's many vineyards are bustling, every action perfectly choreographed. Grapevine and humanity come face to face in a moment of recognition and familiarity.


This yearly rebirth celebrates the full ripeness of the berries, now exuberant grapes, displaying a lively beauty that paints the vineyards a varied palette of varietal hues. A rainbow rises from the earth, ready to become wine—the unique, bottled essence and attributes of every vintage, every vineyard, and every parcel.


The harvest may be among the moments and contexts when the close connection between nature and humankind reaches its culmination. Soul and substance. A symbiosis rooted in respect and hard work, in the age-old experience of winegrowing that speaks to us across millennia. Viticulture as a way of connecting with the earth. 


Chardonnay clusters harvested at Milmanda vineyard (DO Conca de Barberà), a Familia Torres property



The harvest, however, actually starts earlier. During fruit maturation, winegrowers and winemakers turn to precise analyses to determine the stage of fruit development: sugar levels, acidity balance, skin ripeness, etc. are all crucial parameters in deciding the best possible harvest date. Climate, annual climate conditions, and varietal profiles are among the primary factors that contribute to a varied calendar. 


Harvesting grapes by hand remains a deeply rooted practice, as well as being the only option when it comes to the steep terraces of Mas de la Rosa (Porrera, DOQ Priorat).


Ripe clusters in the challenging vineyard of Mas de la Rosa (Porrera, DOQ Priorat), a Familia Torres property



At dawn, tenacious men and women sink their feet into the earth, harvest shears in hand, basket at their side. This marks the beginning of a dance, a choreography where the grape clusters take the spotlight.


When the days are hot, harvesting at night is a balm for both body and soul. With the stars as their witness, the grapes also welcome the caress of the cool night air, a decisive factor in preserving aromas and preventing the summer heat from causing unwanted spontaneous fermentations on the way to the winery.


The harvest expresses a certain earthy poetry, which becomes tangible in the hands of our vineyard team. Because this is where a wine's journey begins. 

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