NÚRIA GIBERT, Gaig Restaurant (Singapore)

Home away from home

In other words, the pleasure of feeling at home even when you are miles away. All we have to do is let our senses take over for the aromas, colors, textures, flavors, and sensations to bring out the identity of our haute cuisine in one of the most dynamic cities on the Asian continent. 



It is our way of giving the world insight into who we are, tangibly expressed in the path and the wines we share. Familia Torres wines enjoy a brief repose in the limited niches of the extraordinary wine cellar at the Gaig Restaurant - Singapore.




Núria Gibert deconstructs the history of Gaig (Singapore), the kind of entrepreneurial vision that comes with an extra romantic flourish, which guarantees a successful outcome.


Familia Torres: Why Singapore?

Núria Gibert: We had some prior experience in managing restaurants in the area, where we began our business venture as consultants for other restaurants. Also, Singapore is a dynamic city due to its location in the heart of Southeast Asia. 



“However, it is true that Carles Gaig already fell in love with the city during an event in 2007!”



In 2017, they went from providing consulting services to embarking on the adventure that would result in the Gaig (Singapore) restaurant on Stanley Street. 



FT: What inspired this change in direction?

NG: We wanted to create the kind of place where we could invite our business partners to a luxurious meal; where one could enjoy a romantic dinner on a special occasion, or simply satisfy one's cravings for Spanish food.



FT: Could you describe what makes your restaurant special to someone who has never been there?


NG: The cuisine at Gaig (Singapore) is steeped in the history and roots of Catalan cuisine, but it takes a step away from tradition to offer a (re)invented and future-oriented vision, which is very present in the food.


In doing so, they turn to an extensive list of wines representing a wide variety of Spanish regions so that guests may experience them in combination with different dishes... 


FT: What do your guests expect from your wine list?

NG: They want to be taken on an authentic wine and food journey. This is why we serve a wide range of wines from different regions, including Conca de Barberà, Costers del Segre, or Penedès, to name a few. We value and promote the idea of protecting the vineyards and the environment.


“We advise our guests on the best wine pairing options when they place their order. We consider every aspect involved in the process, including texture, flavor, and the different variations that are available based on the type of wine. In doing so, we try to create new sensations that surprise the palate.”


Solid roots and a creative spirit: we embrace the same values and vision as Gaig (Singapore), as well as its understanding of our shared identity, which sets the course for our continued journey together. 

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