Sons de Prades

Sounds of the past

In latitudes as far south as the Milmanda estate, where the climate is clearly Mediterranean and marked by high temperatures, Chardonnay develops truly extraordinary aromas.

Over the silence of the valley and the cold morning mist echoes the solitary chiming of distant bells. It is the aged-old signal announcing the first rays of sun drawn over the mountains of the Serra de Prades. The Milmanda vineyards gradually awaken, reminiscent of the chants of ancient monasteries, the sound of the horn at a royal hunt and the murmur of harvesters. They are sounds of our past: Sons de Prades.

Vimbodí - Conca de Barberà (Tarragona)

Grape Types

  • - Chardonnay
Sons de Prades
Sons de Prades

DO Conca de Barberà

La Conca de Barberà is a southern Catalan region measuring 649 km².

Its natural conditions along with its history and traditions make it a privileged area for vine growing and the production of excellent wines. Protected from the sea by the mountains, this designation has been traditionally known for its white wines.  It is located in the southern part of Catalonia between the provinces of Tarragona and Lleida and in the basin of the Francolí and Anguera Rivers.

Conca de Barberà
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    A grape with which young and very noble, elegant white wines with an unmistakeable aroma are produced. It is grown in Conca de Barberà, Penedès Medio and Superior.


5 Awards

  • Gold Medal - Sons de Prades 2016 France · 2016
  • Gold Medal - Sons de Prades 2014 France · 2016
  • 92 points - Sons de Prades 2014 Spain · 2017
  • 94 points - Sons de Prades 2014 Spain · 2017
  • 93 points - Sons de Prades 2014 Spain · 2017

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