More than mere pleasure

“We celebrate the pairing of food and wine—always in moderation—as a cultural heritage that belongs to us all.”

Miguel A. Torres


This axiom is inherent to our mission as a winery, because we know that the relationship between wine and fine food offers an array of possibilities when it comes to showcasing the most cultural and stimulating aspects of a region.



Gateways to exploring appellations of origin

One characteristic that the world's best restaurants all share is how much care and attention they give their wine lists and cellars. They invite us to explore unique wines and bottles from the most acclaimed appellations of origin. When it comes to designing a wine list that allows us to discover different regions, the sommelier plays a key role. And to top it off, he or she guarantees excellent service, provides information, and makes sure the wines are in impeccable condition.



Reaching out to the world

These days the cultural identity of a region or country is largely defined by its gastronomic and winemaking reality.  Through regional pairings of food and wine, restaurants become ambassadors of their own culture. They represent a set of values and traditions that, without losing their essence, have adapted to a changing world through wine.


And then there are countries and regions with a strong multicultural heritage that are defining their own unique identity, usually marked by a greater openness and willingness to experiment, through the relationship between wine and gastronomy, in which they seek a unifying element. A recommended lecture is ‘The art of the restaurateur’ by Nicholas Lander.



Wine in cuisine...

...or cuisine built on wine. No wonder that one finds countless examples of how wine has become an agent of gastronomic innovation, one of the many creative components in culinary planning.  


Whatever form it takes—as a raw material, an almost-forgotten landscape that inspires us or an exquisite texture—wine plays off food to create new flavors based on research and intuition. Celler de Can Roca is a perfect example of how wine can be integrated as a partner in culinary creation; how wine and food can form a balanced and inseparable whole.


Much like wine exerts a creative influence on many cuisines, the gastronomic world expects producers to deliver high-quality wines from different places of origin.



The Mas Rabell masía, transformed into a restaurant by Familia Torres, and its chef Sergi Millet

This is why Familia Torres believes in the bonds between wine and gastronomy and is firmly committed to producing quality wines, in the best regions, that connect with the world's varied cuisines. This commitment finds tangible expression in the culinary magic of Sergi Millet, head chef at Familia Torres's Mas Rabell restaurant, as well as in the Vinoteca Torres, the family's restaurant in central Barcelona. Here Mercè Solernou contributes her expertise through chef Carlos Londres with a contemporary Mediterranean-inspired menu full of references to the Penedès region and other cultures.



Vinoteca Torres, and Miguel A. Torres, Mercè Solernou, Yago Lozano, Carlos Londres and Miguel A. Espinosa



It is a heritage to please both palate and stomach; a heritage that nourishes us in kitchens and wine cellars; a heritage as present in our lives as the air we breathe. It is worth celebrating. When enjoyed in moderation, the passion for wine and food is a veritable treatise on life where the everyday becomes an experience.


Health, curiosity and celebration.

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