Manager at the Purgatori estate (DO Costers del Segre)




Thanks to their experience, knowledge and professional passion, collaborators like Joan have become keepers, stewards and builders of our wines' good reputation—a legacy, an approach where life and wine form one indivisible concept.



Wine was a constant in Joan Francesc's childhood, and the earth beneath his feet is the living history of a region's potential—a region that has always relied on the land and the hard work of its people. Perhaps this is why he is overcome with memories that tumble from his lips, quickly and eagerly:


“I remember the Garnacha and Macabeo vineyards; the small sweet berries, the morning snack of bread soaked in red wine, topped with sugar. The smell of thyme and earth... And the birds, darting out of the vineyard, scared by our arrival!”


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Joan's grandfather—Joan Farré Prats—was the emotional catalyst and person responsible for instilling in him a deep respect for farming.



Joan Francesc Farré during the last harvest at the l'Aranyó estate (D.O. Costers del Segre)




‘“My grandfather always told me: you can't deceive the land. Take good care of it, and the land will respond in kind.”



Returning to the present, Joan reflects on Familia Torres's commitment to the appellation of origin. “It provides an important push, no doubt about it. A first-class collaborator brings greater recognition to the region, which is unique, harsh and somewhat forgotten.”


For this very reason, we ask him to provide a brief overview for those who are unfamiliar with the region and its particular winegrowing characteristics. “The appellation is large, complex, with several subzones. Ours is the subzone with the harshest climate: high temperatures, little rainfall and very poor soils. The vine struggles to survive, only producing very low yields, but the grapes are extraordinary in quality and very healthy.” Results like these demand strenuous efforts that extend to the winery and require daily work in the vineyard. The sacrifice receives its reward every morning.



Purgatori winery, located on the historical Mas de l'Aranyó estate (18th century) in Les Garrigues (Lleida)




“It is beautiful to see the sunrise every day and how the vines survive year after year. It triggers something that gets you going and makes you want to plan all of the tasks the team carries out every morning. And the thought of all this effort ending up in a bottle of wine that we get to enjoy...”



So Joan, the harvest is done... “Yes! In all honesty, we suffer through it, but we do so with gratitude.” Every basket is laden with responsibility... “During this period, the grape sets the time. We have to monitor every variety to make sure we pick each one at exactly the right moment. Every year is different, an adventure.”


We can't resist asking someone like Joan, who knows everything, about the kind of wine he enjoys. “A full-bodied, complex and lively wine with great length that invites me to linger over a glass. An identity-driven wine that tells me about its origins.”


Having people like Joan on our team is a great asset. Authenticity, effort and experience. Purgatory has never been in better hands.


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