Sangre de Toro: Rebirth of a Classic

News / 2014 · 07 · 09

Bodegas Torres pays tribute to Miguel Torres Carbó, the man who created its most international wine, with a design that emphasizes authenticity and the importance of returning to one’s roots

During the early 1950s, Miguel Torres Carbó, part of the third generation to head Bodegas Torres, tirelessly explored the vineyards in his Renault 44, searching for the region’s most prized red grapes – Garnacha and Cariñena. He wanted to make a different kind of wine that would lend expression to the authentic character of the land. This marked the beginning of Sangre de Toro, a wine with a long history first made in 1954. Today, people around the world see the wine as a model of quality Spanish winemaking: a contemporary, elegant and versatile classic whose magnificent rebirth reaffirms the importance of authenticity and staying true to one’s roots.