Recalling the origins of Viña Sol

News / 2015 · 04 · 29

The classic wines of Bodegas Torres have many stories to tell. And they do so by emphasizing their authenticity through emotionally engaging designs that recall the origins of the brand. After revamping the look of Sangre de Toro in 2014, coinciding with the wine's 60th anniversary, the company now unveils the new design of Viña Sol, its best-known and most international white.

The story of Viña Sol begins in 1962 when Miguel A. Torres, part of the family's fourth generation and the winery's current president, had just finished his viticultural studies in Dijon, France. He was eager to put his newly acquired knowledge into practice and began experimenting with low-temperature fermentation. The challenge lay in obtaining a fresher and more aromatic white wine than those being produced at the time.  To this end, he set up a small, improvised winery in Pontons, one of the coldest areas of the Alt Penedès, located at 600 meters above sea level. The result was a revelation. This was the beginning of what would eventually become Viña Sol, a wine whose young, fresh and Mediterranean spirit has endured for over five decades.
The new design reflects the brand's history on the back label of the bottle. It reproduces a scene in black and white of what would have been the interior of the winery with the winemaking process in full swing. Through the open door, a vineyard is visible in the background. The front of the bottle has a vintage feel and features elements inspired by the very first Viña Sol. This includes the rounded collar, the Gothic letters, the color white, and the words “estate bottled,” which appeared on the original label. The classic golden sun, the symbol that gives the brand its name, is rendered brightly, accompanied by subtle details that represent the sun's rays. Taken as a whole, the image extols the values of authenticity and tradition while recalling the origins of the brand.
According to Miguel Torres Maczassek, general manager of Bodegas Torres, “Viña Sol is, in a way, a reflection of the motivation and restlessness that each generation has shown in striving to improve our wines little by little every year. Every generation has left a legacy. This particular wine is one of the many contributions made by my father. He achieved a lively, fresh wine by experimenting with cold fermentation, and the spirit that inspired it continues to this day.”