Familia Torres presents the 4th Torres & Earth Awards recognizing important initiatives to combat climate change

Award / 2020 · 09 · 18

Familia Torres has announced the recipients of the 4th Torres & Earth Awards 2020, which recognize the commitment of companies, individuals, and geographical areas in the fight against climate change. Three of the winery's suppliers have received awards for significantly reducing their carbon emissions to help curtail the effects of global warming: XPO Logistics, Fundación Privada Ilersis, and the winegrower Robert Ferrando. Additional awards went to the province of Malaga – for providing a leading example of regional commitment to environmental matters with its project Málaga Viva – and the television program Aquí la Tierra for raising public awareness of climate change and its consequences. 

In a statement, Miguel A. Torres, president of Familia Torres and the Torres & Earth Awards committee, said, “The decarbonization of the wine industry and the economy overall is only possible with the participation of every company, administration, and individual. Fortunately, people are developing a growing environmental awareness, but there is still so much that needs to be done. The Torres & Earth Awards give us a chance to bring greater visibility and recognition to those who are taking decisive action to stop global warming.  I would like to thank and congratulate the winners of this fourth edition for their unwavering environmental commitment.”

Familia Torres has presented a Torres & Earth Award to XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transportation and logistics solutions, for the company's on-going commitment to sustainability. Particularly laudable are the company's efforts to make transportation more efficient and reduce fuel consumption through innovative technology and solutions; adding alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet; implementing energy-saving policies and using 100% certified renewable electricity. Furthermore, XPO Logistics was recently named member of the Green 75 supply chain for the fifth year in a row by the magazine Inbound Logistics.

Familia Torres also presented a Torres & Earth Award to Fundación Privada Ilersis, a Lleida-based foundation for people with intellectual disabilities or at risk of social exclusion, which supplies the winery with wooden cases. The awards committee took particular note of the foundation's 25% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 2014; its efficient use of water and energy thanks to the installation of flow restrictors on faucets, new window closures, and LED lighting; its use of 100% renewable energy, and its best practices manual in line with the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).

The third Torres & Earth winner in the suppliers category is the winegrower Robert Ferrando of Sant Martí Sarroca in Penedès. The award recognizes several initiatives, including the flock of sheep he uses in his organic vineyards to help with canopy management, maintain cover crops, and naturally fertilize the soil, which reduces the need for a tractor. Other initiatives include rainwater harvesting for use in treatments and reductions in electricity consumption.

Familia Torres also wanted to recognize the efforts of the Diputación de Málaga, the provincial government, for turning the province into an example of sustainability and respect for the environment through its Málaga Viva project. Since 2016, it has carried out ambitious actions to combat climate change. These actions include the project Un millón de árboles (a thousand trees) dedicated to reforestation and the restoration of green spaces and areas.

In the Communications category, the Torres & Earth Award went to the program Aquí la Tierra on the TVE channel, presented by Jacob Petrús. For six years, the program has communicated environmental topics to a primetime audience in an accessible manner. By discussing environmental issues and how they affect the climate and phenomena related to people, animals, and the planet overall, the program has helped build greater public awareness. 

Torres & Earth is an environmental project initiated by Familia Torres in 2008 when the winery realized the impact of climate change on winegrowing. Since then, the project has dedicated significant efforts and resources to adapting the winery to climate change while reducing its carbon footprint. In 2019, the winery reduced its carbon emissions by 30% per bottle across the entire scope, from vineyard to consumer, compared to 2008. The target is to reach a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030 and become a zero-emissions winery before 2050. In addition to presenting the Torres & Earth Awards, Familia Torres seeks the global participation of the sector in the fight against climate change through the group International Wineries for Climate Action, co-founded in 2019 with Jackson Family Wines and currently comprising eight international wineries.