A poetic tasting

Wine takes us on a journey that tells us about where it came from, how it was made and how it has evolved. As it reveals its varietal nature, our senses (re)interpret, decipher, understand and enjoy the wine to then store it in our sensory archive forever.

Sunset at the Waltraud Cellar (Pacs del Penedès)



This relationship sets wine apart from other foods. It is a mutual understanding rooted in experience and learning. Ultimately, it is a relationship that underscores the cultural character—the human hand—of winegrowing and winemaking, which culminates in an ancient and special form of communication that our senses transform into an experience. Wine speaks to us:


“From cellar to tasting room, from horizontal repose to standing upright, uncorked from slumber to crown the table. That is how my journey begins.”




You can see me through the clear glass. Color intensity, rim variation and limpid depth reveal my age. You study me, assertively, curiously. A tear full of life traces the curve of your glass, signaling our awaited encounter.



You want more and swirl the glass and with it, my entire world. When you bring the glass to your nose, I release an array of aromas that you try to catalog in your mind, searching for analogies in your mental archive, your sensory memory. This introspective journey only lasts seconds, opening and closing the door to seemingly long-forgotten experiences.



I am beguiling and tell you about my varietal essence, lively fruit bearing my name. And about my provenance and birthplace, about oak and spices, and, if you pay close attention, about the terroir itself, the parcel where I was once berry and vine. The place where you gave me your all, and now, as equals, I respond in kind by giving you everything I have.


The rim of the glass greets your lips. Upon entry, I unfold and caress every corner of your mouth. As I travel across the tongue, my organoleptic complexity is deconstructed into its individual parts: warmth and sweetness on the tip, nervy acidity along the sides. This is when your palate reconstructs my very essence, transformed into complete and perfect flavor. Tangible. Long lasting.


In the end, I am written into your recollections, leaving an imprint on your experience. You will remember me, and I know that I will be remembered, as I become part of your life's enological library. A promise written in wine.


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