Getting cozy indoors as the outside world slumbers

We live in a remarkable place where the winters are relatively mild, with sunny blue days that beckon us to head into the great outdoors and rediscover paths and routes that will inevitably bring us together. 


All paths lead to the vineyard and winery here, where the warmth of wine and shared encounters awaits within its walls.


After dreaming up ways of uniting the tangible and the intangible, we created our Signature Wine Experiences, which capture the natural and cultural character of our region and invite visitors to enjoy a series of original activities designed to better understand and appreciate the land through wine. Here the hallmark of experience coincides with environmental awareness and the historical heritage around us.



The Vertical Wine Experience combines a tour of the Waltraud Winery and a barrel tasting with a vertical flight of two emblematic Familia Torres wines to understand how variations in climate affect the vintage.





Our Exclusive Wine Experience reveals the true nature of the land. A stroll through the vineyards of our Mas La Plana estate concludes with a tasting amid oak barrels, where some of the family's most exceptional wines are paired with artisan cheeses and acorn-fed Ibérico ham.



Our history: our past and present are reflected in our Legacy Wine Experience. A legacy that has evolved elegantly over 150 years to now reveal its full splendor while remaining authentic in taste and appearance. The Antología Miguel Torres collection is born to last, a tangible exercise in bottling the passage of time.





In winter, the vines appear as an absence; beautiful specters of sleeping canes and wood, silhouetted against the horizon. The silence guides our gaze to nothing in particular and invites introspection. We lose ourselves amid the rows, feet sinking into the earth. 




After roaming the sea of vines, the soul yearns for a destination, a warm harbor in which to come to rest. Where the food reflects the environment and a wine pairing is a must.


Welcome to our El Celleret Garden Restaurant.


Elegant and serene in spirit, it is an extension of the home, where you can relax into the comfort of locally sourced cuisine: a selection of tapas and creative dishes that underscore the identity of Familia Torres wines and the abundant delicacies of earth and sea that the Penedès region and the Mediterranean are known for.


Winegrowing and winemaking, gastronomy, nature and heritage conservation, and a historical and cultural legacy are at the heart of the creative impulse to continuously develop new ideas and experiences—a celebrated reality to share and enjoy.  

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