The complexity of quality whites makes them seasonless, transcending the time of year that tends to persist in the collective unconscious of wine lovers.


White wines have a lot more to offer than the freshness and crisp acidity that revitalize us on hot summer days. They allow for myriad styles that bring out beautifully delicate, warm notes.


A comforting caress of lees and ripe fruit; a luscious texture where liquid silk meets a deep kiss.


If we want to bring out these wonderfully pleasant, warm sensations, it is a good idea to serve the wine slightly above the recommended temperature. Not only does this make it easier to identify potential faults, it also allows us to appreciate the full range of notes in the bouquet.


Fall under the spell of these four whites for cold winter nights:


Camino de Magarín (DO Rueda)

The Torres Family's latest project hails from the Rueda appellation of origin, where Bodega Magarín produces a Verdejo that is a far cry from the standard varietals (young, lively wines, packed with fresh white fruit and nervy citrus). Instead, the wine brings us a more complex expression of the variety that plays with grape skins and oak to develop greater nuance and aromatic depth, maturity, structure and a seductive, unctuous mouthfeel.


Juan Ramón García is the enologist behind this pale and brilliant wine with a bewitching floral and citrusy nose, where verbena and warm lemon marmalade rest on a bed of lees that add body and silk to the palate.  



Waltraud (DO Penedès)

Riesling is as multifaceted as love with lots of different nuances and degrees of depth. The wine in question is very special and once again strays from the classic style to bring us a complex and highly personal take on the variety. An original Riesling worthy of its author.


Waltraud, our “sweet rarity,” derives its personality from the highlands of the Penedès appellation of origin, where it has adapted so splendidly that it can compete with the best-known and elegant vintages.


It does so with great expressivity, offering ripe stone fruit and citrusy undertones on the nose. These notes evolve in an eternal olfactory embrace with sweet honey and mature smoke, giving way to a luscious and soulful impression as it unfolds across the palate. Waltraud, wine as an expression of love.


Fransola (DO Penedès)

The Fransola vineyard high up in the Penedès appellation is home to Sauvignon Blanc vines.


The wine is yet another example of striking a masterful balance between staying true to the variety and opting for a somewhat unusual winemaking style. This is what makes Fransola so special. Part of the wine is vinified on its lees in barrels, producing a big palate and a wide range of nuances that we already perceive on the exquisitely elegant nose.


Passion fruit, fig and banana framed by rich spices (vanilla) make up the organoleptic profile of a timeless and wonderfully elegant wine.



Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà)

The historical and cultural context of the estate that gives the wine its name brings with it a legacy of excellence that the Torres Family upholds, vintage after vintage.


It isn't easy to shine in a world of great Chardonnays the way Milmanda does, by expressing the variety at its most exceptional and versatile. The vinification process is so natural, it barely requires any complex enological intervention. Since the wine rests in the reductive environment of its lees, the addition of sulfites isn’t necessary.



The resulting wine has been renowned and appreciated around the world since the earliest vintages: an intense wine, with a clearly defined and peerless personality; its impressive structure carried by magnificent strength.


Milmanda brings us exhilarating aromas of beautifully ripe peach, honeysuckle and honey, framed by elegant, mature aging aromas reminiscent of puff pastry and coffee. After five years in the bottle, the aromas have evolved to bring us their own particular “swan song,” a noble note of black truffles.


Eternal as it unfolds across the palate, Milmanda is mouthfilling, silky, clean, warm. A long-lasting wine that leaves a deep impression on our palate and memory.

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