The 2015 vintage of our Waltraud wine unveils a very original look.


The new label is the work of Waltraud Maczassek, the woman who gives the wine its name. Evocative, poetic and direct in its interpretation, the artwork symbolizes the spirit and elegance of this white wine made from the finest Riesling grapes.



What you need to know about Riesling


  • Riesling is the most precious of all aromatic white varieties.  The grape produces very fragrant fruity wines framed by an exquisitely delicate and elegant citrus acidity. 


  • The best Rieslings are distinctive and expressive varietals that don't need blending with other grapes. Unlike Chardonnays, these wines rarely undergo lengthy oak aging, because their floral and honeyed notes are their most prized qualities.


  • All Rieslings can bottle age for a long time thanks to their natural fruit acidity and strength. This variety also produces late harvest wines made from over-ripened, botrytis-enriched grapes. 


  • Different climates around the world yield extraordinary Rieslings: from Germany’s famous wines (Mosel, Rhine) to France (Alsace), Spain (Catalonia), California, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 


Some writers believe the variety has grown in the Mediterranean since ancient times, identifying it as the grape the Romans called Argitis minor, described by both Pliny the Younger and Columella.  The first mention of a vineyard planted exclusively with Riesling appears in the records of Schloss Johannisberg (Rhineland) and dates from 1716. 


The Riesling vines with their trademark dark green leaves and compact clusters of golden spherical grapes have adapted wonderfully to the climate of the Alt Penedès (Catalonia). They thrive in the highest, coolest areas where they grow in low-yielding vineyards. 



Waltraud 2015: What makes it different?


Miguel A. Torres dedicated the wine to his wife, Waltraud, the mother of his three children. Although born in Germany, she has put down roots in Catalonia, much like these vines with their golden fruit.  


Waltraud Maczassek is an entrepreneurial and creative woman who has not only actively participated in the family's success, but also dedicated her life to art.  Many years ago, she represented Bodegas Torres’s wines in Germany, a country where she laid the foundations of a market that is now among the company's most important.  


Waltraud Maczassek’s passion for painting and photography led her to the art world and the decision to study fine arts at the Sant Jordi University in Barcelona. She now dedicates herself to her art, which has been exhibited around the world.  


The drawing that illustrates our label is spontaneous and expressive, like the poetic sense conveyed by a haiku. With minimal, almost Zen-like strokes, the artist evokes a vine, the symbol of our life.  The drawing unites strength and sensitivity, much like the wine merges its brilliant color, its sense of body and fruit, its exuberant perfume and its soft texture with the deep, enigmatic expression of a work of art.  


                                                                       Waltraud Maczassek in her studio






Style and elegance

Made from the Riesling variety, a grape that produces wines of exquisite elegance. The nose offers distinctively floral (orange blossom honey) and fruit (lemon preserves) aromas with delicate notes of spice bread.  The palate is silky and fresh, framed by a fine crisp citrus impression. 

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