The Geography of Our Wines

One of the factors that sets Familia Torres apart is its commitment to discovering the finest winegrowing enclaves of Spain. These are regions steeped in history with a rich heritage and culture where deep-rooted provenance and quality inform the winemaking.




Mas de la Rosa (DOQ Priorat) is the finest expression of a historical vineyard in Porrera. Its 1.9 hectares are home to venerable vines, over 80 years old and planted on llicorella hillsides known as costers in the embrace of an enchanting landscape that inspires visitors to return time and again. Even today these vineyards are worked by hand and mule, revealing a cultural winegrowing landscape where time seems to have stood still for centuries.




Viñedo de Mas de la Rosa con vides de más de 80 años, de las variedades cariñena y garnacha tinta.

Mas de la Rosa vineyard, home to Cariñena and Garnacha Tinta vines that are over 80 years old.



This exquisitely delicate, elegant blend is Familia Torres's most exclusive wine, crafted to capture the extraordinary character of this beautiful Priorat enclave. The bottled expression of a landscape.



Mas de la Rosa es un vino tinto elaborado con las variedades cariñena y garnacha tinta, que nace en la DOQ Priorat.

Mas de la Rosa is a red blend of Cariñena and Garnacha Tinta from DOQ Priorat.



Mediterranean elegance, freshness, varietal emphasis, and the unhindered expression of nature characterize this red wine, comprising an anthological collection built one vintage at a time.



The story of Purgatori (DO Costers del Segre) begins with an exile and culminates in a wine which has earned a great many accolades despite being a relatively recent creation. In 1770, the Benedictine monks of the Montserrat abbey began arriving at the estate to carry out their penance.



Bodega Purgatori en la DO Costers del Segre, propiedad de la Familia Torres.

Purgatori winery, a Familia Torres property, in DO Costers del Segre.



Purgatori reveals a mesmerizing deep cherry red colour. Intense floral and fruit notes (violets, cassis) surface on the nose, enveloped in a layer of Mediterranean scrubland reminiscent of thyme. Seductive oak-imparted notes of smoke and spices add to the complexity and elegant bearing of the wine.


Purgatori es un vino tinto elaborado con las variedades garnacha, cariñena y syrah de la DO Costers del Segre.

Purgatori is a red blend of Garnacha, Cariñena, and Syrah from DO Costers del Segre.



Now let's head to Ribera del Duero where we find a truly paradisiacal garden of varieties; caught between earth and sky, the deeply rooted vines gaze up at the stars: Ribera del Duero. Here, at almost 900 metres above sea level, the Tinto Fino vines that give us Celeste Reserva (DO Ribera del Duero) feel perfectly at home.



The landscape of DO Ribera del Duero with a view of the Familia Torres vineyards.



Celeste Reserva is a red wine from Ribera del Duero. It is an intense shade of dark cherry red with great depth of colour. Fragrant on the nose, offering black fruit (blueberry jam) with very rich, elegant ageing aromas (toasted oak, cocoa, hazelnut, roasted coffee) coming through. Delicate as it unfolds across the palate, the wine reveals fine, velvety tannins framed by subtle fruit acidity.



Celeste Reserva es un elegante vino que refleja la singularidad de su origen.

Celeste Reserva is an elegant wine, a reflection of its exceptional provenance.



In Rioja Alavesa, Las Pisadas (DOCa Rioja) celebrates the ancient past of the region and its winegrowing culture. A paradigm expressed in wine of the parallel and symbiotic evolution of wine and its people.


Paisaje de la Rioja Alavesa, dónde se divisan los viñedos de la zona (propiedad de Familia Torres).

Landscape of Rioja Alavesa with a view of the area's vineyards (a Familia Torres property).



The earliest Riojans carved stone presses, known as lagares, into the rocky slopes of the sierra where they pressed grapes harvested from wild vineyards. The wine’s name recalls their ancient techniques, las pisadas being a reference to grape-stomping. As their feet crushed the grapes, these early Riojans left an indelible mark on the landscape that is now home to the Familia Torres winery.



Las Pisadas is an irresistible encounter between the old and new. Fruit intensity, as expressed in notes of jammy raspberry, mingles with the mature sensuousness of spicy (clove) undertones, culminating in a flavourful, warm, delightful palate.



Las Pisadas, un vino tinto elaborado con la variedad tempranillo.

Las Pisadas, a red Tempranillo wine.


This is the geography of our wines. Every appellation of origin is a gem. Every parcel, a garden. Every wine, a gift from the land.

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