Drinking In the World, One Thrilling Sip at a Time

By Zoltan Nagy

I love the sea and sunrises. I love feeling moved or excited. I love crying, laughing so hard it hurts, hugging, kissing and kissing again, loving, sharing, traveling, meeting new people and exploring other cultures. I love enjoying every single second of this life... and wine, and telling stories. Stories that have marked you, forever, at some point in your life.


Thanks to wine, we'll never stop smiling, no matter where we are in the world.


Wines like Perpetual, a tribute to age-worthy wines, those capable of defeating time.  Wines that give us goosebumps when their aroma meets our nose. Regardless of where you are on Earth, its essence will always take you to Priorat, an incomparable winegrowing area, with its terraced llicorella slate vineyards that have defined the landscape for eight centuries.


You only live once! So when it comes to discovering wines that will take you over the moon, don't hesitate. Go for it!


Wine embraces the idea that feeling at home, and identifying with a sense of place, is what matters, regardless of where you are. After all, every bottle of wine contains countless stories. Mas La Plana, for example: a product of its time. A wine that has become a legend in black. A Penedès icon that exemplifies the region’s versatility.


On our travels, which see us venturing further every time, we cross borders, airports, train stations... with plenty of time to reflect and enjoy a glass of wine, where every sip is a caress that touches our soul by taking us back to a specific place. It carries us to the farthest corners of the world, brings back forgotten memories and lets us relive past emotions.


When you're faraway and feeling homesick for your country, your family and loved ones... opening a bottle of wine and closing your eyes will make you feel like you're there.


Making wines that move people by appealing to their senses should be the goal of every winemaker. After all, the vast distance between who we are and who we might still become, is a journey that confronts us with a lot of strong emotions—newly felt or remembered—and wine brings with it that sense of place, full of history and love for a particular spot on Earth. A love, perhaps, still waiting to be discovered.

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