The importance of everything green

How we missed going for walks. Open fields, green vineyards, brilliant blue horizons. Sunlight. Life. In the writings that express our idea of the Mediterranean landscape, the grapevine stands as a metaphor for an earthly paradise, now cloaked in springtime green.



A romantic notion that brings with it a deeper understanding of nature and its power—and demands we take responsibility, arriving at an unspoken agreement of mutual respect. From our perspective as winegrowers and producers, this connection represents a principle that guides our decisions and actions.  



Garnacha in bloom at the Purgatori vineyard (DO Costers del Segre)


Our emotional connection to the vine informs every wine we make, but so does the proper management of the plant’s vegetative parts, especially its canopy (vine shoots and leaves). The importance of everything green cannot be underestimated.


Sunlight and temperature are decisive factors in obtaining quality grapes given their essential role in photosynthesis and ripening the clusters which will soon adorn the grapevine like straw-yellow, golden, ruby, or deep purple pearls.  



As in all vital processes, the need for balance informs every corrective measure. After all, correct sun exposure influences the level of acidity, as well as the proper development of the grapes' aromatic compounds.



Cariñena in bloom at the Grans Muralles vineyard (DO Conca de Barberà)



When the canopy is in the shade, an increasing number of leaves will struggle to produce sugar. Grapevines in partial shade will see a reduction in photosynthesis, whereas those lacking all exposure to sunlight will direct so much energy into the plant itself that this might impede proper fruit maturation. In contrast, excessive exposure to sun and high temperatures can block the plant's physiological functions, forcing it to shut down simply to survive. 


This is why the grapevine canopy should be light enough to allow for proper ventilation, yet dense and leafy enough to safeguard its biological activity.


We have needs in common and care for each other; we walk together and share a moment's pause. The connection may be invisible, but it is eternally rooted in each and every one of us, because we are nature. How we missed going for walks. Open fields, green vineyards, brilliant blue horizons. Sunlight. Life.


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